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    FS: Desktops RTX 2060 Super 256 bit 8 GB DDR6, Intel Core i5 9400F , Asus Rog Strix Gaming B365 , 16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 ,

    So is this Sale for the whole computer without SSD + HDD? Or the total price includes the storage devices as well??
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    Rest in peace Udit, my friend. I hope you get to play with the latest processors and the most high end graphic cards wherever you are.
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    Sennheiser HD 598 SE Over-Ear Headphones (Black) @ 6500

    I would like to disagree with you man. There is a distinct difference between closed back and open headphones. And ofcourse not every headphone is suitable for everyone because of different listening genres and strengths of headphones. And although I do not own MSR7, but I own ATH-M50X (and...
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    The Aam Admi Party

    I simply do not understand, how even educated people are pointing gun to AAP when they have been in power only for a couple of weeks, whereas BJP/Congress did not do anything for them for the last 10/15/20 Years. You want to see what Congress/BJP idiots have said/done in the last half a...
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    OC & Modding LN2 bench session after ages.

    Great, nice to see you back....Hope you post often, with everyone gone from Overclocking even I have stopped it for almost a year. If there are more people benching hopefully I will get my zest back as well......
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    FS: Movie and Music Sealed Blu-Ray Boxsets for Sale - Cheap

    Bump for Big Bang 1-5 Collection, Predator and Die Hard Boxset
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    FS: Mobile Nokia Lumia 920 in Warranty

    Infact its not part of any Package. These are accessories which one needs to purchase separately. One good thing about 920 is that it does not require any addtional skin/case for wireless charging plate to work.
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    FS: Movie and Music Sealed Blu-Ray Boxsets for Sale - Cheap

    Rs. 1650 Shipped to Puri through DTDC
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    FS: Movie and Music Sealed Blu-Ray Boxsets for Sale - Cheap

    For Sale ! No Bargaining Prices, No Clubbed discounts. Shipping Extra Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: i) Kill Bill 1 - Rs. 400 : Region B SOLD ii) Kill Bill 2 - Rs. 350 (not sealed, only when buying with another pack) : Region B SOLD iii) Stallone Collection of 5 Movies - Cobra...