1. Digigear

    AliExpress banned and is no longer an option in India - what other options exist ?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but it has finally happened. AliExpress has been banned! As of ~28th Nov, the AliExpress app cannot be found on the play store and the website won't open. For those who had previously had the app installed on the phone, it will work but won't...
  2. Digigear

    AliExpress shipping during coronavirus

    Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place for posting this question. But I ordered a bunch of stuff before the lockdown on AliExpress and they were all shipped. But all of them are stuck in tracking. They're all stuck at the same point - dispatched to destination country. There are no...
  3. Unlucky

    Ali Express Fraud

    I have ordered a graphics card from seller named as "CPU TOP STORE" but since I made an order his behaviors changed and when I messaged him 5 days ago he replied me with IMAGE and a message and asked me to confirm the product and when I checked it was found to be processor (which I didn't...
  4. iPwnz

    Alibaba and AliExpress passwords clashing with each other? [Android]

    I have both Ali apps installed. When I use one of the apps, say Alibaba, it requires me to login even though it should've remembered and automatically logged in as I had used it. When i log in it says my PW is incorrect. Then I reset my PW and it works again. Next I open AliExpress and again it...