Ali Express Fraud


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I have ordered a graphics card from seller named as "CPU TOP STORE" but since I made an order his behaviors changed and when I messaged him 5 days ago he replied me with IMAGE and a message and asked me to confirm the product and when I checked it was found to be processor (which I didn't order) and my real order was graphics card which cost me $55 so I sent him a message and telling him that I didn't order processor I have ordered graphics card. Since then he stop replying to my any messages it's been 3 days he didn't replied my question. Yesterday when talked to Ali Express customer support and told them all the issue they told me to wait for the seller reply ,and in the meantime time the seller replied to my message while I was talking to Ali Express customer support I got a doubt there must be some relation between Ali Express and this seller, in his replie he told me that he didn't sent me the processor it was a graphics card but when I asked him what about the weight it's is written as 0.040 kg but graphics card weight at least 600gm he didn't replied me,
Also he gave me a tracking number which when tracked it showed " acknowledgement received" message since October 22nd and when. I track it on Ali Express website it is showing Ready to dispatch since the day first I got this Number
Its status remain same since 22oct , Today when I chat with Ali Express customer support and tell them that seller is not replying they didn't tried to help they just told wait more time to let the tracking information updated but I know it will not be updated because seller didn't shipped the item it was just a an acknowledgement from Singapore post , here RB839403930SG is my tracking number ,
I again message him today but still unanswered Please someone help me Ali Express customer service is not helping me

Also I am not opening dispute because if I open dispute now for fake tracking details the seller will ship the processor and when I get the item which Is different from the order I won't be able to open dispute 2nd
time for wrong order . Because we get only one chance to open dispute

Please someone help me out I am so much frustrated


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Nobody buys GPUs' or CPU's from Aliexpress just small small items only I think.
Once I bought a cheap BT Headset.


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Wait for a while, at least a week. Your package is probably on its way from China to Singapore, after which the tracking number will start working.

Same happened with something I ordered on 21-Sep and was shipped thru SG post, tracking started working only on 7-Oct.

If you bought a graphics card, expect to pay 42% customs for it.


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Looks like it's the first time you had bought something from Ali, I would say be patient and wait for the package to arrive your money is safe either i get the order u placed or you'll get thr money back. Also be ready to pay some good amount as import duty.


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My last order I faced a problematic scenario as well. Seller didn't ship my order early and took his sweet time. He then provided me with a wrong tracking number which I messaged him about. Got a reply from him after a day or two where in his message he provided me with the correct tracking number. In the end though my product arrived just fine.

The key is with orders from AliExpress you just have to be patient and wait it out. Like others above have already mentioned. Be calm and let things work out. You will get your product. Also, rememeber once the product reaches Indian Customs it will take time, sometimes a lot of time, to get released. You might even be charged duty and since you have ordered a GPU... it might very well get charged. International shipments with normal Registered Post take time. If you don't get your product within the stipulated time you will get your money back from AE.