1. subham

    FS: Mobile Asus Zenfone 5z 6gb 64gb Snapdragon 845

    Really great phone serves the purpose very well, smooth well optimised os without any garbage apps with one of the best processor out there, outperforms poco f1 in every segment except battery which is the only downside in this very model itself but it charges really quick so it's compensated...
  2. thomasjude47

    FS: Video Card Asus nvidia geforce GTX 1050ti graphics card

    under warranty till january 2021 by serial number. Fixed price only card is available. No box shipping from Delhi
  3. subham

    FS: Mobile iPhone 6s rose gold iCloud lock for parts, asus Zenfone max, samsung j7 prime body, iphone 7 original body

    iPhone 6 s iCloud lock for parts selling on behalf of a friend he found it on road strictly for parts body in excellent condition rs.1500 Asus Zenfone max board died don't know the exact reason display touch intact rs.800 iPhone 7 original body Matt black mint condition rs.500 Samsung j7 rs.150
  4. MagicianRecon

    FS: Others [SOLD] Selling ASUS Mobo + Ryzen 2600X

    Looking to sell this combo to make way for an upgrade. Mobo >> Asus ROG Strix B450-E Gaming Wifi Edition Processor >> Ryzen 5 2600X w/ Stock Cooler Will give preference to combo buyers. Price is negotiable to some extent. Low ballers, PLEASE STAY AWAY!! Invoice added, sanitized. Will provide...
  5. jealous21

    PC boots while pressing Spacebar

    Something I noticed lately that my PC boots the moment I press the spacebar in my keyboard. Initially I thought I did not shut down the PC, but later figured out even after a proper shutdown it boots just by hitting the spacebar. Recently I updated my BIOS, is this anything related to BIOS...
  6. Ayushchaudhary

    Budget 41-50k Asus X509fj

    There is an laptop asus x509 fj i7 8gen 8gb 512gb two months old .purchased at 60k .want to buy it .how much should i go for it?have my budget b/w 40k-50k.if there any other laptop please advice me.
  7. jealous21

    Help about GPU for Ryzen 3 3200G

    Guys, I recently build a PC and I need help on selecting my GPU. Below goes a brief spec about my PC. Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (Radeon Vega Graphics 3.60 GHz) RAM: 8 GB OS: Windows 10 Home The reason for me to add a GPU is only to play games like Cricket 19 and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I...
  8. CyberGhost

    FS: Networking Networking Shack

    ............................................................................................................................................................................................................ tp-link ac3200 7000 shipped condition 4/5 (sold) tp-link t2u 600 shipped condition 4/5...
  9. CyberGhost

    FS: Networking TP-LINK & ASUS SALE

    Locking the thread until disputes are resolved. Anyone trading beyond this (6 July, 2020 3:00PM) is on his/her own. all the images are named on the router (f at the end of the image means front) tp-link mr200 (this works as a normal dual-band router + you can use a sim card 2g/3g/4g ) 3600...
  10. T

    FS: Cabinets Decent (?) 1080p Gaming / Editing Rig

    -- SOLD --
  11. A

    FS: Video Card 1080 + 1080ti + 2060 super

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: 1. MSI 1080ti gaming x 2. Evga 1080 Superclocked 3. Gigabyte 2060 super windforce OC Expected Price: 1. 1080ti - SOLD 2. 1080 - 20499 3. 2060 super - 29999 Source and Time of Purchase: from a friend Reason for Sale: Gathering funds to buy 2080ti...
  12. walibaa

    FS: Laptop Lenovo B50-70 i3 4th gen laptop

    Hi all I need to sell laptops with below configuration 1. Make: Lenovo Model: B50-70 Fair Condition - 100% Fully functional CPU - i3 4010u Ram - 4gb DDR3L ( upgradable, 1 slot free) Hard disk - 1tb Display - 15.6 hd matte screen With original charger, compatible battery, windows 10 activated...
  13. jammy420

    WTB Asus Max M2 3GB 32 GB

    Asus Max M2 3GB 32 GB sealed preferable. was always OOS at my location. Ready to exchange with Oppo A5S or Redmi 7A. both sealed pack
  14. kishanks

    WTB Want to trade sealed Seasonic 850W prime titanium PSU (RMA replacement) and Asus R9 280x D2CT for GTX 1080

    Want to trade my current graphic card - Asus R9 280x D2CT and new sealed Seasonic 850W prime titanium PSU received as an RMA replacement for a GTX 1080. If anyone interested let me know.
  15. D

    FS: Others eGPU enclosure, Asus XG Station Pro @15k

    Hey guys, Selling this one after experimenting with a laptop + egpu combo for a while. History: I had a Dell XPS 9570 with which this egpu (with an nVidia 2070 RTX) worked just fine. I shifted over to a Lenovo X1 Extreme, and while it worked plug and play for a few weeks, some Windows update...
  16. varunpro

    Budget 51-70k Amazon Prime sale, Please Help recommend Asus Fx505 or Fx504 to buy 0_o

    Please recommend which of these will perform better for a student getting started & future enthusiast in the making :p Asus Tuf fx505 Vs Asus Tuf fx504? With Intel i5 8300h, 1050ti? Or AMD Ryzen 5 3550h, 1650?
  17. wooka

    FS: Video Card Asus NVIDIA Dual OC 1070 8GB - 19 Months Warranty (updated performance charts 1960+ MHz auto clocks)

    HQ Image gallery Update 17 June: 2 fresh pieces received from RMA and updated in the gallery and availability matrix. NOTES: All cards maintain >1900MHz core speed without any tuning in-game, and score over benchmark scores of 1070 online (as this is pre-overclocked from the factory.) The...
  18. jatinwig

    FS: Laptop Asus GL502VS i7-6700HQ, 24GB, 1TB HDD, 256GB SSD, GTX 1070 8GB

    In India till 13 June... Expecting 72k somewhat negotiable Selling to upgrade to RTX series otherwise no issues. Only challenge is battery needs replacement as with all gaming laptops battery didnt last long. All current AAA games running smoothly. Will be in Delhi/NCR for only for 2 weeks...
  19. Warlord09

    Asus motherboard fan installation

    How many maximum number of fans can i install on Asus PRIME A320M-K AM4 Motherboard.
  20. R

    FS: Laptop Asus GL504GM Scar 2 Laptop[GTX 1060]

    Got the warranty extended to 3 years. Product Page: Has Nvidia Optimus technology, So the battery life is also pretty good in day to day usage. GTX 1060 i7-8750H 144Hz panel 256GB NVMe SSD 1TB hdd 16GB DDR4 RAM Bought for 1,44,990 INR