FS: Laptop Asus Tuf A15 Gaming Laptop (2020) | FHD 144 Hz | Ryzen 7 4800H | Geforce RTX 2060 115W | 16 GB DDR4-3200 | 2 TB 970 Evo+ SSD

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Oct 23, 2020
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Might switch to non-gaming laptop
Rather than a "have to sell", it is more of a "can sell", mostly because I haven't been able to game much in recent years and would probably prefer something lighter for daily use. It has a couple of weeks of warranty left but I will not mention it as a selling point as it is next to nothing now.

Product link: https://www.asus.com/in/laptops/for-gaming/tuf-gaming/asus-tuf-gaming-a15/techspec/

All specifications can be checked in the link above but following modifications/updates were made to stock.
  1. GPU is the revised 2060 with 115 TDP limit but stock TDP was 90W, so I flashed 115W vBIOS from another manufacturer to unlock it.
  2. Installed additional copper heatsinks over the CPU and GPU to aid heat dissipation
  3. Replaced the original 1 TB WD Blue SSD with a 2 TB Samsung 970 Evo+
  4. Added an after market heatsink to the SSD
  5. Custom Afterburner VF curve applied (can install it on a reset system or provide the config files)
  6. CPU TDP lowered using UXTU to provide more GPU headroom (can provide the config)
  7. Repasted with Noctua NT-H1 thrice since purchase, last time in July 2023
  8. Added flip stands to raise the back and improve the air flow
  9. Panel replaced a week ago at the time of this post under warranty
The end result is more than 20% performance uplift from stock and about 93% performance of a desktop RTX2060 at 70% power consumption. Can run benchmarks on request.

Have the original box, so will pack using that. Would prefer local deals for convenience. Can ship using courier of buyer's choice at buyer's risk


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I might keep the SSD for personal use, so can do 50k without it. You can probably pick up a new one in the sale as per your need.
For complete evidence, I am including recordings of 3DMark and Hitman Dubai benchmarks recorded today in 30+ degrees ambient temperature. Note that I will not be able to entertain more benchmark requests because I realised it takes quite some time of mine to download, set up, run and record the benchmarks for sharing. For reference, red is the AMD CPU and green the Nvidia GPU.

The main reason for doing so is to indicate that the laptop does not hit the thermal limits of 95 deg. for the CPU and 87 deg. for the GPU under full load with the higher performance ceiling (CPU at 40+ W and GPU at 115 W) , while the stock laptop does so at much lower performance.

Also, when I made the original post, I did not realise that when the screen was replaced a month back, the Asus technician also flashed a 115W Asus vBios with higher clocks (probably for a different Asus laptop) that reset my Afterburner profile, causing higher temperatures. I have reapplied my Afterburner (along with UXTU) settings for the recordings below which results in slightly higher scores without thermal throttling at ambient Mumbai temperatures.

Hitman Dubai


Hitman settings (default)
Hitman Benchmark Settings.png
Taking another price cut to try to sell it one last time prior to any Diwali discounts that might be available for a new purchase.

42.5k without SSD and 50k with, excluding shipping.
Keeping the listing alive for 3-4 days more while there are still offers around.

Also reducing the price to 41.5k and 49k without/with SSD respectively excl. shipping.
Available till Thu EOD. Sweetening the deal further; 41k/48k without/with SSD excl. shipping.
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Final update, 40k/47k without/with SSD. By without, I mean there will be no SSD installed since the Evo+ is the only one available with me, so you have to install one yourself.

Thought the depreciation was on point considering the expense of 1.2L on this, especially with a new panel and relatively new SSD, but may be expectations are different.

Can wait only till EOD but it is probably for the better, if I go a second year without purchasing anything during the sale period.
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