1. C

    Which Banks work with PayPal/Hyperwallet?

    Hey all, so I need help with which bank account to open that work with PayPal primarily (I'm assuming other platforms like hyperwallet would work too if PayPal works). I currently have an Indian Bank Saving Account that works with PayPal but due to reasons I have to shift banks. I did open an...
  2. iosoft

    Discussion on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds!

    Friends, Now-a-days, there are too many reports on Aadhaar Based Bank Frauds! Small/big amounts are being withdrawn without any Card, Mobile, OTP..... just by Aadhaar no and Fingerprint! (God knowns how they get that) Almost every day, there are news of this type of scams! This week there is a...
  3. swatkats

    Bank's customer Relationship officer visiting homes?

    This happened with a friend of mine. He got a call yesterday from some numbers claiming to be ICICI customer relationship officer. Woman on the phone was like we wanted to pay you a visit, when he asked what was the purpose? We wanted to talk and shall visit after working hours. That was...
  4. swatkats

    Be-aware: Sim-Swap/Phishing Money Theft from Bank accounts!

    How This Happened? Bank Robbery Via 6 Missed Calls A businessman, who identified himself as V Shah from Mahim, Mumbai, reported that he lost Rs 1.86 crore, via Missed calls scam. In the night of December 27-28, he received thee 6 missed calls from Indian and UK (+44 code), between 11 PM and...
  5. T

    FS: Others Xiaomi / Mi Power Bank 10400 mAh

    It is an original Mi product purchased 3 years ago. Despite its age, it has been completely charged-discharged only a couple of dozen times at most. This is so because I only carried it with me on long trips which were not many in a year. The outer aluminium casing has quite a lot of scratches...