1. Rezep

    Camera Where to fix canon powershot sx520hs in bangalore?

    Basically I dropped the camera from a height off a table and the lens won't open/pop out anymore. Lens error pops up 10 seconds after the lens motor tries to open itself but it starts to jitter as if something is stuck that won't let the lens fully open out. Camera is basically 10 years old at...
  2. D

    FS: Photography DJI OSMO Action 4 Adventure Combo

    Selling a DJI OSMO Action 4 Adventure Combo. In warranty till 03 August, 2024. Pristine condition. Currently in use: Action 4 camera, battery case, 3 batteries, 1 curved adhesive base, adapter mount(mini). Every single accessories that comes in the box is available; mostly are still wrapped in...
  3. panny

    Android Moto Edge 30 Ultra Camera focusing is very bad

    The focus/ manual or auto/ for relatively close objects never work and I have to switch to macro mode to focus close objects, is it normal? I am new to expensive phone cameras. Also, the focus is so bad that when I am taking a picture of an item, the item behind it becomes really out of focus...
  4. RedSnowman17

    FS: Mobile Google Pixel 7 - Lemongrass

    Putting up for sale Google Pixel 7. Phone is in mint condition with no scratches or dents anywhere on body or screen except for one very tiny thin scratch on the camera visor. Have zoomed in and increased contrast for it to be visible on camera. Attached picture for the same. Phone comes with...
  5. Naveen_Reloaded

    FS: Photography Cannon 500 D + Cannon F1.8 50 mm + Kit Lens EF 18-55mm , Powershot SD1000, One by Wacom + others

    I planned to do this a long time , but couldnt find time. All these items have been my very favourite ones. I have maintained them with atmost care. I have got upgraded items for them and they are lying around , so wanted to part ways with it so that it will find a home where it will be useful...
  6. Audiophi1le

    FS: Others Lenovo Legion 7, HE 4XX, KD EZ pro, Sigma 1.8 ART 18-35, Canon EF 55-250 STM, Tamron 500mm mirror

    Prefer local pickup from Bangalore. Any shipping costs/responsibility/insurance will be borne by buyer. Available from 5th Oct. I am using lens so might be 1 month+ before is sell. No warranty on anything. Can provide 2 days testing period for reputed members /2+ years on TE or 5+ positive...
  7. Karthik G

    FS: Others Unused items and Home Clearance Sale - Items will be added periodically

    Bear with me for the long post: Clearing up LOTS of stuff at home, but slowly as I come across them. Will include the price of the items in the comments section along with details shortly. I would like to keep the thread clean with just posts of items for sale, hence if you would like to...
  8. R

    FS: Photography Canon 1300d Dslr camera body

    Want to sell my Canon 1300d camera body that's lying unused for sometime. I'm unable to find the shutter count with any software. My approx. estimate is 50k. Body is used for 3-years and has normal wear n tear. The screen has micro scratches all over which are visible when the display is off...
  9. C

    FS: Photography Sony ZV-1 4K HDR(HLG) vlogging camera and Moza Mini-P Gimbal

    Both are in wonderful condition. The Gimbal has been used for less than a couple of hours. Bought it but never really used it. It was bought new from Iamastudent on Tata Cliq in Feb 2022. Take it for Rs. 11,000 shipped. The camera was bought from one of the myriad of stores selling unboxed...
  10. raf1988

    FS: Others FS - XBOX Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC + CORSAIR H150i Pro RGB AIO WaterCooler + PS3 Eye Camera + PS2 Media Remote.

    For Sale XBOX One Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC. (2nd Gen with 3.5mm Jack) Price - ₹3,300 - XBOX One Controller with Wireless Adapter for PC (Bundle) ₹2,600 - Only XBOX One Controller ₹900 - Wireless Adapter for PC Condition - Excellent Condition / Barely Used / Works Perfectly...
  11. cymric

    Any electronic worth picking up in Thailand ?

    Hi Tech heads I will be probably be traveling to Thailand for a few days in April. Any tech stuff that you found to be cheaper there than in India? Im mostly interested in phones and cameras/lenses. Also does anyone know of any flea market or second-hand camera market in Bangkok or Chiang...
  12. hgps

    FS: Photography Sj4000 4k wifi action camera

    Product Name: SJCAM SJ 4000 4K wifi Expected Price: Rs 4000 Shipping charges: Nil Manufacturer page URL: SJ 4000 Description if any: Used for 8-10 times so far. Comes with waterproof case only. Will include mounting bracket and stickers if required. No SD card. Reason for Sale: Too many actions...
  13. Ssreek

    Has anyone tried renting camera gear from ?

    As the title says, want to know if anyone tried renting gear from There are some cameras and lenses which I want to try. If anybody knows something better than this website, do let me know.
  14. A

    FS: Photography Sony A7II + Samyang 18mm 2.8 + Original Batteries x 3 and more

    Hey Folks, Looking to sell my Sony A7II in immaculate condition. Got it in Oct 2020 and is still in warranty. Shutter count: 4359 The kit includes - Sony A7II Body - 3 x Original Sony Batteries - Samyang / Rokinon 18mm 2.8 - Battery Grip Aftermarket - Battery Charger Aftermarket - Amazon...
  15. kanishk619

    FS: Photography GoPro Hero 10

    GoPro Hero 10 (Standalone package) for sale in excellent condition. Tempered glass applied on both screens and lens from day one and has been kept in a case. Used for 5-6 bicycle rides. Comes with all stock accessories which came in the package.
  16. J

    Budget Above 40k Android phone needed, priority - camera, updates.

    Hi all. I currently daily drive a OnePlus 7 Pro. I have had this phone for more than 3 years and absolutely love everything about it, specially the screen but lately it has started showing signs of aging. Battery backup has significantly reduced. There is some sluggishness overall and Camera &...
  17. R

    FS: Photography NIKON D3400 WITH 18-55 VR KIT LENS AND AF-S NIKKOR 35MM 1:1.8G

    Selling my 5 year old Nikon d3400 With 18-55 VR Kit lens. Manufacturer Url - In Perfectly working condition , only a minor wear and tear as happens with any old gadjet. Shutter count - 27739 Used mainly indoors for...
  18. M

    FS: Others Clearance Sale + giveaway

    Trying to get rid of stuff I don't need. Don't really think shipping is worth it for anything here but will ship at your expense. There's a lot of stuff which is why I haven't given too many details here, if anyone is interested in anything specifically dm me. I will be able to provide more info...
  19. D

    FS: Photography Canon 550D

    Item for Sale: Canon 550D + Tamron 18-200 Asking Price: INR 12999/- Item Location: Mumbai Item Description: Canon 550D + Tamron 18-200 Zoom Lens Shutter Count - 9K approx (Found using Magic Lantern) Purchased in - 2012 Are you the original owner* of the item being sold? No - Friend is Do you...
  20. manohar5321

    FS: Others camera,chargers,selfie stick,old phones, cables

    I found a few more things to clear out from my cup board. The prices mentioned are an estimate only , please DM me for more info. They are available in Hyderabad, shipping and packing charges to be borne by the buyer. 1. Mobile Phones - all three don't have batteries and chargers, cannot...