FS: Photography Cannon 500 D + Cannon F1.8 50 mm + Kit Lens EF 18-55mm , Powershot SD1000, One by Wacom + others

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Oct 1, 2014
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Not using it anymore.
I planned to do this a long time , but couldnt find time.
All these items have been my very favourite ones. I have maintained them with atmost care.
I have got upgraded items for them and they are lying around , so wanted to part ways with it so that it will find a home where it will be useful.

FULL ALBUM OF PRODUCTS : https://imgur.com/a/dOZWFDz

1. CANON 500 D + KIT LENS + 50MM F1.8 LENS

My brother got this from UK some years back , cant remember the date. (Sorry). It been our go to DSLR camera since last year when i moved to Sony A6400. Also comes with camera bag.

CONDITION : 4/5 (except for one rubber cover on camera body , rest is in fine condition)

SALE PRICE : 20K for body and kit + 8K for Prime lens (selling for around 9.8K on amazon now)

2. Canon Powershot SD1000

REASON : My mom was using it before , she was very sentimental ,anyway have to part ways. As said , we moved to A6400

CONDITION : 3/5 - The screen has a weird ring of discoloration , doesn't affect the clarity of the image


One by Wacom (Small)

REASON : Wanted to train for digital art , didnt get enough time to invest.



Except for canon 50mm F1.8 Prime and One by Wacom , others dont have a bill copy.

All prices are slightly negotiable. Please dont low ball.. :(

I have priced them accordingly after seeing various other sources. If there is gross price discrepancy , kindly let me know. will correct.

I have few other items , will try to update or create a new post.

Buyer bears the shipping cost.


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2. Canon Powershot SD1000

got payment for the above from @Incinere

Will be updating him the courier details soon.

Update on other items ,

Local buyer has shown interest in the canon 500D camera , so interested members can hurry up..
Canon 500D for 20K maybe priced a little higher as even a fullframe 6D mark1 going for as low as 28K. DSLR's have lost value quickly. Anyway good luck with the sale.