1. R

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm, Hyperx Duocast USB Condenser, GSkillz DDR5 32GB 6000MTs

    Hi, Multiple Items for Sale. 1. Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm In pristine condition. Warranty left: 4yrs. Original box not available and AM4 mounting kit available as shown in pics. Expected Price: 8000/- 2. HyperX Duocast USB Condenser Mic In pristine condition. Less than 2 months old...
  2. terence_fdes

    MUST WATCH: Chosing DDR5 RAM | XMP | Intel 13th Gen | AMD

    For ALL who are into building an Intel 13th Gen or AMD Going in for DDR5 RAM (Chosing the Ultimate RAM) Actually what no-one ever prepared us for. WHAT ARE THE WEIRD ISSUES WITH XMP - PITFALLS - CHALLENGES & PHENOMENAL BENEFITS TOO COMPATIBILITY OF RAM Manufacturer WITH YOUR MOTHERBOARD...
  3. terence_fdes

    Budget 90k+ Build for Content Creation | 4K-8K | Graphics etc - upto 1.7L

    Hi Folks This would be my 5th and probably last PC Build over the past 33 or more years :borg:. So I really want it to last ...... reeeaaaly looong :angelic: I was shocked to realize that prices of almost everything have doubled and more since my last build (i7-3770K in 2012 or so) :drowning: I...
  4. lazydictator

    FS: RAM Kingston FURY Renegade RGB 32GB 6000MT/s DDR5 CL32 DIMM Desktop Memory (Kits of 2) (Brand new)

    I have purchased the product from Amazon on 9th feb 2023 it got delivered. I didn't once installed it in the pc because i dont have a z690 ddr5 motherboard its unused and brand new. My plan was to buy z690 ddr5 motherboard but it was costing around 35k and i got a good deal on Flipkart for z690...
  5. shallg

    FS: RAM Crucial 8gb ddr5 x2 Rams 16gb

    Crucial 8gb ddr5 x2=16gb price Rs 2500 per 8gb shipped or 5000 shipped both , if single 8gb ddr5 sold so keep one 8gb ddr5 and upgrade to 24gb as i have only 2 rams slot in motherboard
  6. terence_fdes

    Budget 51-70k Will Intel 12th Gen prices come down & When?

    Hi I am in the process of upgrading and wish to know the following: 1. Launch date (approx) of Intel 13th Gen Processors in India? 2. By what percentage would the 12th Gen prices come down (esp with built in graphics Intel UHD 770)? (Would the reduction in 12th Gen prices be immediate?) 3...
  7. Ramadhir Singh

    Video Card (DDR3/DDR5 GPU with DP output)

    Im looking to buy DDR3/DDR5 GPU with DisplayPort output, minimum 1GB needed. my current GPU was ATI 5770, which is giving trouble and system not booting. If someone has something similar to sell please let me know,
  8. sierrawaltz

    FS: Video Card Power Color HD7750 1GB DDR5

    Selling my faithfull and brilliantly performing ATI 7750 gpu by power color Have the original box (without the inner carton will ensure proper packing) Will update thread with GPUZ Screen shot by tonight. Any one not subscribing to my price please use pm route , i would surely consider...