Budget 51-70k Will Intel 12th Gen prices come down & When?


wizened Dinosaur
I am in the process of upgrading and wish to know the following:

1. Launch date (approx) of Intel 13th Gen Processors in India?
2. By what percentage would the 12th Gen prices come down (esp with built in graphics Intel UHD 770)?
(Would the reduction in 12th Gen prices be immediate?)

3. Similarly would Z690 DDR5 Motherboard prices also come down?
4. If I have to wait for real price reductions then how long would that be 1-2-3-4 months from now?

My requirements for the upgrade are just - Processor, Motherboard, DDR5 RAM and probably an CPU air-cooler.

best bet would be around next year feb, is when you will see reduced priced in ddr5 motherboard/ram because that's when budget new GPU will come out and lot of people will aim for building PC with the newest hardware. if intel 13th gen performs better than new amd 7x series CPU then intel could actually price 13th gen above new amd cpus making current 12th gen prices stand still. basically current nvidia move. but by that time you can easily find second hand cpus here for less if you have that option available.