gpu pricing

  1. Spidy_Tm

    Budget 41-50k Got quote for pc build from 2 shops. Is this the right pricing?

    Quote pictures attached
  2. kartikoli

    Nvidia 4000 series cards

    NVIDIA Next-Gen Gaming GPUs, GeForce RTX 40 ‘Ada Lovelace’ Series, Launching in 2022 & Will Utilize TSMC’s 5nm Process Node Its time we start discussing about 4 series but most probably...
  3. al7

    Graphic Cards Further GPU price drops incoming by next month

    Hold guys don't buy at high prices. Further GPU price drops incoming by next month
  4. N

    Budget 0-20k How much to pay for a used RX 5500XT?

    A colleague of mine is looking to get rid of his old GPU and I offered to buy it from him. It's an 8GB RX 5500XT purchased in November 2020, I'm not really sure what price to offer to him. It was 20k when he bought it, it seems to be in impeccable condition. My main reason for buying from him is...
  5. iPwnz

    Graphic Cards GPU pricing trends

    I thought we needed a thread like this to rant out about the present market situation of graphics cards. I know that we already have one active thread in the news section but felt we should leave that to rtx ones mainly and this thread for all pricing discussion for all graphics cards including...