1. Sumi

    OC & Modding DIY methods to prevent GPU sag?

    Looking for DIY methods you have done to prevent GPU sag on your setups. If there are any cheap alternatives to purchase, do post a link for it.
  2. Noob32Bit

    FS: Video Card ZOTAC Nvidia GTX1080

    Hi guys, I'm moving abroad and i cant take my pc with me so im selling parts. If you you have a Xbox Series S then we can also exchange. Price is negotiable . Thanks :)
  3. Noob32Bit

    FS: Video Card [SOLD] PowerColor Radeon RX570 4G

    on hold for @New_Striker till tomorrow afternoon
  4. I

    FS: Video Card [sold] Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 980Ti

    Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 980Ti Exact model number - GV-N98TXTREME-6GD Purchase date - April 2016 Excellent condition. Was repasted last year and maintains temps well. Peaks at 70C on core with an ambient of 30C at 50% fan. Still a good experience in a lot of games. Average fps - Horizon Zero...
  5. blitzkrieg811

    FS: Video Card Asus GTX 1660ti 6 GB dual oc under warranty.

    Selling for a friend. Card is never mined with and works perfectly fine.
  6. C

    FS: Video Card Gigabyte Gaming OC GTX 1080

    Selling the card as I am planning to upgrade to the RTX series. The asking price is firm and I prefer a local buyer who can check and buy it. PICS sorry attaching here. The card has seen maybe only 6-8 months of usage in its entire lifetime. It looks 5/5, temps don't exceed 67-68 while running...
  7. klk

    FS: Video Card Zotac gt 1030 2gb new sealed

    Got a gt 1030 2gb gpu seal pack new piece
  8. demonic_iwnl

    WTB Looking for RX 570 / RX 580 / GTX 1060.

    My build has been sitting around for 3 months without a GPU and I thought the GPU prices will go down but I was stupid to think so. So, now I am looking for these cards to decent enough to let me game. bump
  9. Grief3r

    WTB Gtx 1650 super / rx 470 or something similar

    Hi I am looking for gtx 1650 super or rx 470 or something similar with bill box invoice Thanks Bump
  10. Veloci Raptor

    FS: Video Card Zotac Nvidia GTX 970

    FS Zotac Nvidia GTX 970 For any questions and queries use PM.
  11. A

    WTB Need a Graphic Card - 3070 or basic

    Hi Looking to purchase RTX 3070 if in reasonable price. OR looking for a Basic GPU just for my PC to have a display. Should support my motherboard x470 chipset. Please PM me directly if you are selling any Thanks
  12. M

    WTB Looking to buy used RX 480/570/580 or GTX 1060

    Looking to buy any of these. PM me with prices. 6 months warranty would be nice, but not necessary if card is in excellent condition. Max budget 8.5k incl. shipping. Willing to negotiate slightly Thanks
  13. cyborg007

    WTB want to buy PSU , RAM &GPU

    want to buy PSU - 550 -650W(in warranty preffered) GPU - MIDRANGE OLD VERSIONS RAM - 8GB*2 (DDR4-3000MHZ)
  14. prodipta biswas

    FS: Video Card Galax RTX 3070 SG

    Galax RTX 3070 SG bill, box available. 2 months old. Reason for selling - Not using
  15. G

    FS: Video Card ATI Radeon 3870-512MB

    While clearing found, Not using, Testing Warranty One Week, Can check by remote access if needed.
  16. B

    FS: Video Card Zotac Nvidia 1060 6gb GPU

    Product Name: Zotac Nvidia 1060 6gb Expected Price: Rs 14500 Shipping charges: As per courier quote Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Hardly played any games Reason for Sale: No time for pc Product...
  17. blitzkrieg811

    FS: Desktops CPU+mobo+RAM+GPU

    Ryzen 3 3100: bought on 9/9/20 bill box- Rs. 7500 Adata Gammix D30 3000Mhz 8GB*2 : bought in 28/7/20 bill box- rs. 4000 MSI A320M a pro max : bought last year. no bill only box- Rs. 3000 all three above for Rs. 14500. plus shipping Zotac 1060 6GB mini: I have a bill for this and I remember the...
  18. TheCoolerPlayer

    WTB WTB used 2080 Ti

    Location: Navi Mumbai (can travel around a bit to Thane, Panvel, Seawoods, and Mumbai) Looking for a used 2080 Ti in good condition for a reasonable price. Hit me up with your best offers (including shipping if needed). Should be in at least 4/5 condition, bonus for at least 2 yrs or more of...
  19. TheCoolerPlayer

    WTB A used GPU between 10k to 15k (at least as powerful as 1650 Super or 1660, the more the merrier)

    Hi, looking for pretty much what the title suggests. So give me your best offer for anything from a GTX 970 to 1060 6GB, 580 8GB, 1660 series, Vega series, Radeon 5600 and 5500 series etc. Thank you! Mods please close this thread, have created another post with a changed set of requirements...
  20. BRUT

    WTB RX570/ GTX 1050ti

    Post or PM details and offers please.