1. NikhilSingh25

    WTB RTX 3080 OR 3080TI IN WHITE

    As the description says I want an RTX 3080 or Ti but in white color , or any color that will suit an all white build.
  2. NikhilSingh25

    FS: Video Card GTX 1070 graphics card

    I have an Asus Rog strix 1070 GPU. Which I got from a friend for my 3+ years ago. But I have been using 3080 for past 2 years. Since I'm building a new setup need to get more funds so selling all the extra stuff. No invoice no box no warranty. never changed thermal paste but temps are pretty...
  3. T

    Budget 0-20k Secondary gpu - 5600xt ?

    So i upgraded my pc and now have leftovers that almost make another build, and which can be used by family member. Only thing missing is gpu, cpu does not have igpu. So i need gpu for desktop usage + it will get used for some gaming too but not that much and usually older games. New budget gpus...
  4. gREen

    FS: Desktops AMD FX8350, 990FX Extreme9, Strix GTX960, 32GB RipjawX, H80i AIO Cooler and NZXT Red Phantom 410.

    This was built in the period of 2013-15 over the course with multiple upgrades. Everything is bought new except 2x RipjawsX which i bought from rsaeon, recently. Used till 2018 and retired. Took away, dusted, repasted with Cryofuse and check with the default cooler, installed the ram, It was...
  5. S

    FS: Video Card 3070Ti

    Used exclusively for gaming and ML tasks Usually cleaned every 3-6 months, would be cleaning before shipping.
  6. M

    FS: Video Card MSI Ventus 1660 Super OC Edition

    Listing the GPU on behalf of my cousin. Never been used for mining as far as I know. If you have some way to test if they were used for mining or not let me know, will happily test them. I have priced it according to current market prices but still, if you feel the pricing is unfair or the...
  7. C

    FS: Video Card 6 x 1660 Super & 1 x 1660 Ti

    Selling as moving for further studies. 1660 Super - Colorful 2 FAN x4 1660 Super - PNY 1 FAN x2 Out of Warranty 1660 Ti - Gigabyte 2 FAN x1 (IMPORTED) All in great condition and fans working. Please PM if interested. Will provide GPU-Z Details and Stress Test/Live Video as required.
  8. K

    FS: Video Card RTX 3070 FE

    have RTX 3070 FE to sell. condition_ perfect Purchase date_27/08/21 average temp_ 70-75 degree mostly used for playing Apex n Elden Ring Plz negotiate via pm.
  9. NikhilSingh25

    FS: Others Silverstone 1200w power supplies

    I have 2 Silverstone 1200w power supplies Model No - ST1200-PTS Fully modular 80+ platinum. The price is for one Power supply. Bought in may 2023, still have warranty of 3.5 years. barely used, i was planning to use them with 3090 series but now i just want to upgrade my streaming setup, so...
  10. XproXd

    WTB A cheap Gpu or APU

    Need a cheap gpu under 1500 or AMD AM4 APU like a Athlon for basic display output.
  11. SamuraiGaming

    FS: Video Card Asus RTX 3060Ti Dual Mini and Nvidia RTX A2000 6GB

    1. Nvidia RTX A2000 6GB - 18000 (Shipping extra) Condition: 4 out of 5 Date of purchase: 15-1-2022 Warranty : Until 15th January 2025 2. Asus RTX 3060 Ti Dual Mini - 19000 (Shipping Extra) Condition: 4 out of 5 Warranty : Until 17th December 2024 The A2000 is my card that I was using for my...
  12. Usman Raza

    FS: Video Card MSI gaming x trio RX6800 16gb

    Have 2 units of rx6800 my friend left by me to sell Both have perfect temps bill and box These were bought in march 2021 Both have bill and box Can be picked up from ghaziabad or can be shipped Looking for 25k for each Price is for single card Benchmark
  13. T

    Budget 31-40k GPU Upgrade advice

    Hi, Currently I have a PC with the current configuration CPU - AMD Ryzen 1600 AM4 Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 RAM - HyperX Fury 8GB (2X4GB) GPU - AMD Sapphire R9 270 (non-X) Storage - Seagate Terracuda 1TB PSU - Antec VP450P I want to upgrade my GPU as it's now 7 years old and a...
  14. NinjaTheory

    FS: Video Card Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB PCIe 4.0 Reference Card

    Stock condition Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB PCIe 4.0 Reference Card I recently upgraded to the 7900XTX and forgot to get a few screenshots of the 5700XT details in GPU-Z. It does work exceptionally well and holds its own even in 2023. Seriously, I managed most games comfortably with it...
  15. viralbug

    FS: Video Card Galax 1660 1-Click OC GPU

    Selling Galax 1660 as I have upgraded to a newer GPU few months back and no longer need this. Comes with original box and contents. Shipping at actuals.
  16. N

    FS: Video Card Dead Graphics Card - MSI GTX 1080

    Not working, suitable for parts or those looking to attempt a repair.
  17. A

    Graphic Cards trying to diagnose the issue with my GPU.

    Its a 2070S Gigabyte Windforce. All fans are running fine and not making any sounds but when i try to start it up. sometimes it boots to windows but doesn't detect the GPU driver, other times it goes into black screen and needs to be hard reset. The BIOS page shows up completely fine everytime...
  18. kartikoli

    FS: Video Card Gigabyte 1060 Windforce OC 3gb I bought this card form a member in mid 2019 (Since I am not sure about actual purchase date so Dec 2019 was selected). The card is working as expected though I haven't played many games. Cosmic condition might not justify its...
  19. Manmeet singh

    FS: Video Card Asrock Amd RX 5700 XT Taichi X 8G

    4 fins were broken and glued back working fine check pic!!! Taichi 5700 XT 2 Hdmi 4 display ports all working max temps are 82 and 108 undervolt temps are 77and 99 you can tweak those even better I have box for card no bill because i bought it used
  20. P

    FS: Video Card GTX 1070 Gigabyte G1 Gaming

    Putting up my GTX 1070 for sale. Preferably local Bengaluru buyers. Card is in good condition I can give 3 days testing warranty from my side.