1. MagicianRecon

    FS: Others Small Clearance Sale

    Need some urgent funds, hence looking to sell some of my Unused inventory. 1. iPad Air 3rd Gen (64 GB) Wifi only (Rose Gold) - this was bought in 2019. In flawless condition. Always had a tempered glass. No issues whatsoever. Great for reading, mobility etc. I should have the box lying around...
  2. CyberGhost

    FS: Processor i5 8600k | GB-Z390-D | 8gb*4 G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3000MT/s | NZXT Kraken x63

    As stated the CPU & Motherboard are out of warranty as the purchase was made on 16th June 2021 The MemKit and AIO were also purchased around the same week give or take so the remaining warranty as per the stated company policy of the respective items Strict Disclaimer - Please be aware before...
  3. B

    CPU/Mobo Is it worth repairing an Intel 6th/7th gen MoBo in 2024?

    I have an AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ that doesn't work. Tried it with a different processor, RAM and PSU. The other 3 work independently. I bought the MoBo in 2017, put it to 4 months of use, let it sleep and in 2020 it refused to boot. One RMA later, it worked, then let it sleep and now in 2024, it...
  4. R

    FS: Desktops HP ProDesk 600 G4 Mini with i3 8100

    Up for sale is HP ProDesk 600 G4 Mini with i3 8100. Since this is provision for usb c and no hole, I drilled into the case to show it. It was in rack, so didn't mind the looks. This one has Two Nos gen 3x4 NVMe slots and additional M.2 slot for WiFi. WiFi adapter and SSDs not included. 65W HP...
  5. arup

    FS: Motherboard Intel Desktop Board D425KT + 4GB DDR3 RAM

    More than a decade old board for sale. Bought as used one in 2017 from ebay seller leelacomp. No functional issues. Used to run Windows XP for running some really old softwares and games.
  6. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: Others Clearance; Intel G3220, Arctic P14 PWM PST

    Hi guys. Looking to get rid of some items that are lying unused. 1. Intel Pentium G3220 Processor(LGA1150) x 2 Unused processors from an abandoned project. Tested working. Price: 400/- shipped each , 700/- for both 2. Arctic P14 PWM PST 140mm Fan x 2 Bought these mid-2022 in bulk, these last...
  7. nileshsrox

    WTB ASRock H310CM-HDV/M.2 SE Motherboard

    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase this motherboard, if anyone has this one, ASRock H310CM-HDV/M.2 SE Motherboard need either this mobo or one with LGA1151 socket, and atleast 4 sata and 3 pcie, I already have the ram and intel i5 6th gen to use on it. need the sata and pcie for NAS purpose
  8. X-Gamer

    Intel 13/14th Gen CPU Issue?

    Hi, Intel 13/14th Gen CPU are degrading over time and I was one of the unluck ones to be efffected by this twice (replacement CPU also ended up having the same issue after 4 months). Wanted to know if there are other users on this forum who have also faced the issue and how was yout intel...
  9. MiteshR

    FS: Processor Used Intel i3 12100F

    Intel i3 12100F Product link. Price - Rs 4500. Invoice date - 26/09/2022. Warranty remaining till - 26-09-24 Bought this from a fellow member, thread link below There are some...
  10. G

    FS: Others Clearance Sale - must go quick

    Prices mentioned do not include shipping Local buyers preferred, but willing to ship at buyer's risk. Only the TPLINK ARCHER TX20UH has a bill , attached as well. Have reduced prices further and wish to clear them out quick. All products except the H67 Motherboard come with 1 week testing...
  11. Douchehole

    FS: Others Intel i3 3210 with gigabyte h61 motherboard and 8gb ram

    Bought these components except for the ram last year from this forum itself as I just wanted to get my first gaming build In place. Motherboard comes complete with the I/O Shield as well so no need to worry Intel i3 3210 + gigabyte h61m s motherboard+ 2x 4GB Ant esports brand new seal packed...
  12. m0h1t

    FS: Desktops Intel NUC BOXNUC7CJYSAMN + 120GB SSD and 12GB RAM

    Intel BOXNUC7CJYSAMN - Rs 7000 + Shipping Bought in July 2023 on a whim, lying unused since the original setup Original device came with 4GB DDR4, 64gb emmc and Windows 11 Added a kingson 120gb Sata SSD which was lying around Added another 8GB DDR4 module...
  13. -purpleshad0w-

    FS: Processor Intel Core i3 4150 Processor

    Hello everyone, Selling this old gal as the motherboard finally gave up. A testing warranty of 3 days will be given by me. Shipping can be split 50/50. I'll clean off the residual thermal paste as best as I can before shipping. Let me know if you want it. NB:- Heatsink not included.
  14. Prakhar Srivastava

    WTB Ryzen and Core Processors

    Looking for 3 CPUs: Intel Core i9 9900K Intel Core i9 10900T (can also consider 10900/10900K) AMD Ryzen 5800X3D Please DM if you're selling. Thanks!
  15. D

    FS: Desktops PC parts (12400f, B660 motherboard, Deepcool LE500, 4000Mhz RAM, 3060Ti Eagle OC)

    Putting up for sale an Intel i5 12400F processor. In warranty until July 14, 2025 I have priced it reasonably keeping in mind all the offers that comes on it on well known platforms. Note: The stock cooler heat sink for the processor has been totally unused until now. However, upon just...
  16. R

    FS: Desktops Intel NUC Celeron 4505

    for sale the above NUC, bought from flipkart. 5500 + shipping It comes with windows 11 but barely runs, very crapy performance and not worth it. Used it as nas box with OVM and its fine. Installed the OVM on internal ssd so not sure on windows 11 license. Note: Don't ping me with your offers...
  17. R

    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte H370N Wifi ITX with twin Gigabyte LAN + Intel G5420

    Got this some time back to use for PFSENSE and after keeping it in shelf and no time to do all that, decided to let go. Got it for 9k + shipping and selling at same price since essentially i've not even used it once. Local buyers preferred, can ship at the expense of buyer and risk.
  18. NikhilSingh25

    FS: Desktops Custom built 4k gaming PC

    I have decided to make YouTube videos with showing my now. Before that i want to upgrade my set-up, so i can make the background match my theme so need to get funds fast. I love to build PCs I'm selling my old pc which i have been using for gaming and make YouTube videos for some time...
  19. D

    FS: Desktops Intel NUC i5 11th Gen (NUC11TNKi5)

    Hey, I am looking to sell my extra Intel NUCs that I got for home use. Brand new; never used. Warranty till Dec 20, 2025. 8gb 3200mhz 256gb NVMe ssd with 120W AC Adapter & Power cord. You do not need an invoice to receive warranty coverage for Intel NUCs. Cheers. Note: All queries via PM...
  20. D

    FS: Motherboard MSI Z690-P DDR4 Motherboard

    Selling a MSI Z690-P DDR4 motherboard. Opened and installed for testing everything. Working perfectly fine and installed latest BIOS as well for newer processor support. Condition is as pristine as it comes new in the box. I will take care of proper packaging. Price is 9000 and shipping...