1. rsaeon

    FS: Storage Hardware 2TB Patriot P300 NVME SSD

    . As usual, offers to purchase with immediate payment will be prioritized over negotiations. This was a recent purchase but was never used. Tested working. Seven days testing warranty. .
  2. Ebil

    FS: Storage Hardware Silicon Power P34A80 1TB M.2 2280 Gen 3x4 SSD

    brand new unit received from RMA performance similar to samsung 970 evo check reviews around 1year warranty remaining
  3. A

    PC Peripherals [Need advice] PCI-E bifurcation card with m.2 ports

    Hello, I need some advice I have placed an order for Lenovo P330 which has an internal PCI-E x8 slot. I was thinking about buying PCI-E m.2 mounting cards available on Amazon to add additional m.2 storage to the systems. But I soon found out that it needs BIOS support for PCI-E birfucation...
  4. C

    WTB NVMe M2 Low-capacity SSDs

    Looking for low-capacity NVMe M2 SSDs (2280, <= 256 GB). Preferably with DRAM and decent TBW. Thank you.
  5. MarioBros

    FS: Storage Hardware 1TB SSDs

    Selling 2 M.2 SSDs, both working perfectly 1). Sandisk SN 550 - 1TB M.2 NVMe Price - 3000 2). Sandisk (Unknown model) - 1TB M.2 Sata Price - 2000/- Not sure about the warranty of these devices, it was lying unused for few years.
  6. M

    FS: Storage Hardware WD 512GB SN520 m.2 Nvme **SOLD**

    WTS: WD 512GB SN520 m.2 Nvme Taken out from my laptop after I upgraded to a larger storage. Laptop was bought new and remained used only occasionally.
  7. Ankit Manchanda

    Samsung New open box SSDs

    Product Name - Samsung SSDs Warranty remaining - 1 year Seller Warranty from the date of your purchase. Price - 870 evo 1tb - 4000 870 evo 2tb - 8000 870 evo 4tb - 16000 970 evo plus 1tb - stock wont come anymore 970 evo plus 2tb - stock wont come anymore 980 pro 1tb - 5250 980 pro 2tb - 10500...
  8. S

    FS: Storage Hardware WD SN570 1TB TLC NVMe, 3 months old, only 1.5TB writes

    History: This WD SN570 1TB NVMe was purchased from Amazon.in on 31st May 2023. Used only for testing for a few hours, so it’s essentially no different from a new, sealed piece. Condition: Good as new. 100% health with only 9 power on hours. More details in the CrystaldiskInfo screenshot below...
  9. Prakhar Srivastava

    WTB 1TB/2TB 2230 NVMe SSD

    Please DM if you're selling! Thanks!
  10. gamingstill

    FS: Storage Hardware WD SN850 1 TB SSD with Heatsink Sale@6700

    This ssd was bought from Amazon India and still has around 46 months of warranty left. I've also included heatsink with the SSD. I was using this SSD exclusively in PS5. Read speed is ~7000 mbps
  11. C

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung PM9A1 512GB SSD GEN4 NVME (7000mbps)

    Selling My Almost brand New Samsung PM9A1 512GB SSD... Run Time- 0 Hours Reason- Want 1TB Drive... New Cost- Around $150 BUMP
  12. PradUp

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung SSDs

    Lightly used (check pics below), no official warranty, will provide 10 days testing warranty. PM981a Price: 4500rs for 1tb PM981a each It says 2000gb in screenshot below but they are 1TB. 970 EVO+ Price: 8500 for drive with 66gb writes. 8000 for drive with 6.7tb writes. Please keep in mind...
  13. farookh

    FS: Others Highpoint ssd7204 4 port nvme raid card

    Highpoint SSD7204 Cost-Effective 4-Port M.2 PCIe Gen3 x8 NVMe Controller; No-Bifurcation Required; Windows, Mac & Linux Brand new card, good for old machine that don't have bifrucation support
  14. farookh

    FS: Others Asus Hyer M.2 Pcie Card

    Used Asus Hyper M.2x16 Pcie Ecpansion Card perfect working condition Note: pcie 3.0 x 16 card The 2 1tb cards are also for sale if ne one interested
  15. Ankit Manchanda

    Samsung SSDs: Open Box Only, 100% Health, New Pcs

    Product Name - Samsung SSDs Warranty remaining - 1 year Seller Warranty from the date of your purchase. Revised Price - 870 evo 1tb - No stock 870 evo 2tb - 8200 870 evo 4tb - On order will be made available 970 evo plus 1tb - 4200 970 evo plus 2tb - 9000 980 pro 2tb - no stock Shipping from -...
  16. R

    FS: Processor AMD 5950x Processor, 64 GB DDR4 Ram, 1TB 970 Evo NVMe, 2TB Crucial P5 NVMe, MSI Unify x570 Motherboard

    Hi, Selling my entire AM4 Platform. They are not useful for AM5 build. * Attached at least 2 pics for each product * Invoices are available for all except Ryzen 5950x (Requested for the same with TPsTech and will be sold with invoice only), 970 Evo (purchased in US) * Original boxes are not...
  17. R

    FS: Storage Hardware WD SN560E 2TB nvme SSD

    PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING The speed is limited to around 2.5 GBps read and 900 MBps write, probably because it was salvaged from an external enclosure Other than that works perfectly, 100% health 7 day testing warranty
  18. terence_fdes

    Storage Solutions Suggest Best M.2 NVMe SSD Gen4 - 500GB for OS & sofwares only

    This would be used ONLY for installation of OS & other software's (so I am not looking at any larger capacity). For DESKTOP use Proposed Build: i5-13600K | Asus Prime Z-690A | G.Skill DDR5 - 32 or 64GB Purpose: System will be used mainly for video-editing (2K / 4K) with Premiere Pro; Da Vinci...
  19. mystic_mining

    BNIB Sealed PNY CS2130 1TB NVME : 5750 ea and bulk discount available.

    Product Name: PNY CS2130 1TB NVME Expected Price: Rs 5750 Shipping charges - Free Manufacturer page URL: https://www.pny.com/cs2130-m2-nvme-ssd?sku=M280CS2130-1TB-RB Description if any: CS1130 is their entry level NVME and CS2130 is performance oriented and should be comparable to Samsung 970...
  20. J

    WTB NVME enclosure

    Hello everyone, Looking for a cheap NVME enclosure to use the NMVE drive. All the ones available online are super expensive. Don't care about USB C. Usb 3 is enough for me. Please let me know if you have one for sale.