1. prodipta biswas

    FS: Storage Hardware intel 760p 512gb gen3 nvme ssd

    Selling my intel 760p ssd. Details are mentioned below : Health status - 100% screenshot attached ( Hd sentinel & csdiskinfo ) runtime & data written - screenshot attached warranty - Not sure if without invoice it can be claimed or not but with serial no warranty is there till nov 2024...
  2. E

    WTB NVMe SSD 500GB - 512GB gen 3

    Looking for 970 evo plus 500GB or it's equivalent in warranty. Price negotiable.
  3. Mann

    Storage Solutions Need help getting a SSD fixed

    Hi all, Recently my 4TB NVME SSD stopped working. The data is not important but the drive is. Warranty no, help yes. Any one can suggest a repair shop. Thanks
  4. wooka

    WTB Trade: 2x500 GB nvme Top drives for 2/1TB + cash (for 2TB obv.)

    I have two drives: 1. Samsung retail 970 evo plus 500GB 2. An OEM drive- can add details, came in a gaming laptop. Used for like 5 hours :| Even has heatsink pads! (put a heatsink to your motherboard and PROFIT without any additional thickness. I am looking for a top 1/2TB nvme drive since...
  5. prodipta biswas

    FS: Storage Hardware intel 760p 512gb nvme ssd

    selling my intel 760p 512gb nvme ssd. less used. 100% health remaining Warranty remaining till 2024. screenshot attached.
  6. prodipta biswas

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung 970 evo plus 250gb nvme ssd

    Samsung 970 evo plus 250gb nvme ssd bill, box available. in excellent condition. health screenshot & details attached.
  7. S

    FS: Processor AMD Ryzen R9 3950x, 2400G and MSI B450i mITX board some other stuff

    Selling some stuff to reduce the number of rigs ive got. I have other stuff too.... will post it maybe a week later. AMD R9 3950x One Year old R9 3950x Bill Box Available. Expected Price : 45000/- (Shipped) Intel 660p 2 Tb NVME SSD One Year old. Under Warranty. Only SSD available. Price ...
  8. prodipta biswas

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung 980 pro 1tb gen4 nvme ssd

    selling Samsung 980 pro 1tb gen4 nvme ssd on behalf of a friend. reason for sale : sold his pc. Only ram & ssd left. Unable to upload health status screenshot due to no pc, although the ssd is in 100% health ( seen in aug ) & in warranty till dec 2025. so won't be an issue
  9. imran_chennai

    FS: Storage Hardware Brand New Sealed Kingston NV1 1TB M.2 NVMe and RMA Sealed ADTA XPG Spectrix S40G 256GB [RGB] M.2 NVMe

    Item 1: Brand New Sealed Kingston NV1 1TB M.2 NVMe Expected Price: Rs 7,300 [Non-negotiable] Shipping charges: At actuals from 600029 Manufacturer page URL: https://www.kingston.com/en/ssd/nv1-nvme-pcie-ssd Description if any: Brand New Sealed Kingston NV1 1TB M.2 NVMe Reason for Sale...
  10. R

    FS: Storage Hardware Orico USB 3.2 Gen 2 nvme enclosure

    Bought not too long ago, comes with Type C to type C cable Type C to type A cable Mini thermal pad Tested it with a SN530
  11. CyberGhost

    FS: Storage Hardware WD SN750 4TB

    These were bought to be used in a VM Server but Mobo ended up DOA so these were never used, bought from a bulk reseller and obviously I can't just return all without any reason so selling these for a little bit less price than what it was originally bought Shipping will be through Delhivery Air...
  12. Infected

    FS: Storage Hardware Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1tb, 1 year old

    Samsung 970 evo plus 1tb. With about 7Tb written was used as my "Steam drive" in x99 system. Working perfectly. I don't need it now as I migrated my primary system. Have a Great weekend !
  13. K

    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial P2. Nvme SSD 250gb 10 days old and micron sata ssd 256gb and WD elements 1tb

    Bought this for a mini pc which I sold here yesterday. Buyer did not want storage parts, so selling it seperate. It is as good as new. Selling this for 3100. Also selling micron 256gb sata ssd for 1500 plus shipping. This ssd came prebuilt with the mini pc. SOLD The WD elements is 1tb and is...
  14. Abhijat

    FS: Storage Hardware AORUS AG41TB Gen4 SSD 1TB

    THe ssd is unopened brand new received from RMA today.
  15. A

    FS: Storage Hardware New Samsung Sata & Nvme SSD's

    Selling Samsung SSD's as listed below 980 1tb - 8500 970 evo plus 1tb - 9500 870 qvo 1tb - 6500 T7 1tb - 9000 All the items are new, imported and being sold loose. Bill & box not available. Testing warranty will be provided as Samsung do not provide warranty without valid invoice. Can be...
  16. A

    FS: Photography Nikon D5200 with Lenses, Flash Kit & Tripod

    Hello everybody Have been thinking of selling my camera since months now, but never could as it took me great effort to save up and buy the camera and its accessories. It has been lying unused for more about 2 years now and I have lost my interest on photography. So finally with great courage...
  17. S

    FS: Storage Hardware Sealed: AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD 1TB with Copper Heat Sink

    Up for Sale is Brand new Sealed GP-ASM2NE6100TTTD "AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD 1TB" with integrated Copper Heat Sink https://www.gigabyte.com/Solid-State-Drive/AORUS-NVMe-Gen4-SSD-1TB#kf received from RMA. This model is with integrated heatsink, and I have priced accordingly. Please take PM route for...
  18. RadarHz

    WTB M.2 SSD (SATA/NVME, 250~500GB)

    Looking for a used m.2 SSD, preferably with more than 75% health of capacity somewhere between 250 and 500gb. Could pick up a 120gb model too, if the price is good. Both SATA (b+m) or NVME would work. Need shipped, as well.
  19. dopplenoob

    FS: Others Samsung SSD, flash drives, SD card and charging adaptors.

    Samsung PM991 256GB NVME SSD Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges: Actuals Manufacturer page URL: Link Description if any: Removed from new laptop. Less than 3 days used before upgrading. PM if any doubts. Reason for Sale: Upgraded to bigger capacity. Product condition: 5/5 Purchase Date...
  20. S

    FS: Others Asus Hyper PCIE X4 Mini Card for NVME M.2 SSD

    Up for Sale is 2.5 Yrs Old, Asus Hyper PCIE X4 Mini Card for NVME M.2 SSD which I got imported from USA. It's been pretty helpful with Samsung 870 M2 NVME drive working at Full speed on my Old x99 mobo. Since I have upgraded to x570 based setup, its surplus...