1. rsaeon

    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial MX500 1TB m.2 SSD

    . In warranty, invoice available, 46% drive health. It was used in an always-on laptop with a 2.5" adapter as a youtube-dl drive — the 71TB written is the amount of media downloaded. The 27k+ disconnections is probably the number of times the drive or laptop went to sleep, ha. Don't use these...
  2. killerz

    FS: Storage Hardware Crucial P3 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD + Orico Enclosure USB 3.1 Type C

    For sale on behalf of a close friend.
  3. prime

    WTB 2.5" SATA SSD 240GB or similar

    I want to buy a 2.5" SATA SSD 240GB or similar of good brand preferably under warranty. Please send me a PM if you have one to sell.
  4. nileshsrox

    FS: Storage Hardware [Brand New] Ant Esports 690 Neo Pro M.2 NVME 128GB SSD PCIe 3.1

    Got it delivered Sunday only, I thought I ordered a PCIE 3.0 but ordered a 3.1 by mistake, so it is not compatible with my system hence I'm looking to sell it off, It is basically an open box product, I tried it twice it wasn't working then saw the product page and found out its 3.1. Bought it...
  5. A

    FS: Storage Hardware [SOLD] Platinum P41 1TB Gen4 (PC801) SSD

    Health - 100% Capacity - 1TB DRAM - 1GB LPDDR4 Form factor - M.2 2280 Single-sided PCIe - Gen4 x4, NVMe™ Sequential Read - 7,000 MB/s Sequential Write - 6,500 MB/s Random Read - 1,400 IOPS Random Write - 1,300 IOPS
  6. Digigear

    FS: Headphone Tin T2 IEM, KZ PR-1 Planar IEM, KZ-AZ09 Pro BT Kit for KZ IEMs, LGA 1700 brackets (2), USB-C DAC, 64GB SSD from Steam Deck, Nothing ear 1 + others

    Hi, I am posting this to clear up old stuff from my cupboard. Some of them have issues, so please read the description and condition before buying. All of the items below are items that I purchased for myself but am no longer using. Items are nominally priced according to condition. # Item...
  7. M

    FS: Storage Hardware Lenovo 256GB Gen3 x4 m.2 SSD

    I'm selling this NVME SSD I pulled out of a ThinkPad T480 that was sold to me by a refurbisher/corporate reseller. Model number is "LENSE20256GMSP34MEAT2TA", and FRU on the label is "00UP470". My understanding is that this is a PCIe gen3 x4 SSD, and may have shipped in certain lenovo computer...
  8. A

    WTB Looking for multiple 4 TB SSD

    Hello I am looking for buying multiple "SECOND HAND or open box" SSD of 4 TB capacity. Both type of drives are needed m2 NVMe as well as the normal Sata SSD drives. My motherboard model is - ASUS ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WiFi AMD Ryzen AM5 ATX Motherboard...
  9. ksud

    Budget 0-20k How are EVM SSDs?

    How are the storage devices from EVM company in general? They are rather cheap so would expect some compromises but in what aspects (reliability, performance)? They do offer 5 year warranty on some of the products. Buying one 256GB SSD for the boot drive for an office desktop, so nothing...
  10. AgentBane

    Laptops Update HDD to SSD in HP Envy laptop

    Hi Guys, I have this old HP Laptop (HP ENVY Notebook 15-as014wm) which works perfectly fine and is in mint condition, but the only issue is the HDD which always uses 100% of disk. Currently I am thinking of upgrading the HDD to SSD. I want to know if anyone here has done the upgrade but also...
  11. GeeBee007

    FS: Others 256gb RGB external NVME enclosure / Gigabit ethernet PCIe card / Sleeved 6+2 white cables for gpu

    1. Rgb NVME enclosure + OEM samsung 256gb nvme ssd Comes with c to c and usb to c cable Product link - Price - 2500 for both 2. Tplink ethernet card Around a year old Price - 500 shipped 3. Sleeved white cables Price - 1000 shipped
  12. G

    Storage Solutions Why are SSD prices going up?

    I have been noticing that SSD prices keep climbing. I know there was one point where Samsung said they'll reduce production to stem the price fall. But prices keep going up even after the initial burst. Just 6-7 months ago, 1 TB WD SN570 was available for ₹4300 on Amazon and went for as low as...
  13. Athar Muneeb

    WTB Looking for 2 TB SSD

    2 TB SSD. Should not be more than a year old. Nvme/2.5 inch don't matter.
  14. R

    FS: Storage Hardware EVM 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA SSD EVM25/2TB

    This was purchased from PrimeABGB in July2023, not using much. available for 5500 + shipping Note: Don't ping me with your offers, only send DM if interested at the price mentioned.
  15. GeeBee007

    FS: Others Thermalright HR10 pro SSD heatsink with active cooling

    Got as a gift from a friend Only used for couple months Now realized that its little overkill for me Fits good in my white theme PC but still overkill Useful for those who run heavy workloads for long time as lower temps mean longer life of ssd
  16. rpalpha

    FS: Storage Hardware 2 x MX500 1TB SATA SSD

    4800 per drive 9000 if taken both.
  17. CeyeN

    WTB 2 or 4 TB SSD's

    2 or 4 TB SSD's for data archival. prefer a 4TB one. NVME or SATA doesn't matter
  18. Hei#4869

    FS: Storage Hardware Kingston 256GB PCI Express SSD

    Selling the SSD that came with my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-57. Not sure if it is covered under warranty.
  19. Black_Hawk

    Storage Solutions Crucial SSD - RMA Process?

    Hello Folks, I was wondering what is the RMA Process for Crucial SSD's in India? If a SSD goes kaput can you claim warranty and get a RMA done within India or do you have to ship it abroad?
  20. C

    Budget 0-20k SSD Advise needed!

    Hello Everyone! I am writing in as I am on the lookout for a 2TB SSD preferable under 10,000 INR (~USD 120). My main purpose is to use this in a Sabrent m.2 enclosure. I will be using this in Tandem in my photography workflow - Memory card -> Samsung T7 2B -> 2 TB M.2 Sabrent -> 4 TB HDD...