1. rahuljawale

    FS: Office Hardware [Sold] Urban Ladder Eddings computer desk / study table

    Dear Mods, I hope I am not violating rules by selling a piece of furniture here. Selling my 4 year old Computer/Study table. The table is in very good condition. It has a beautiful black glass top. There are a couple of scratches on top which unnoticeable otherwise. Cannot ship for obvious...
  2. princeoo7

    OC & Modding What to make Personal simple Battlestation desk

    Well right now I am in a phase where I need to get a desk for my dual monitor setup and cabinate. 1) So should I go DIY (no exp) ? 2) Ask carpenter to make one for me ? 3) Get a ready made table. Dimentions which I think I am good with it as below: L = 5 1/2' B = 2 1/2' or 3 D = 1' or 1 1/2'...
  3. P

    FS: Office Hardware Office Clearance Sale - Table, Fridge, Oven, and Water cooler

    Office Clearance Sale: Prices are negotiable Wooden Table custom-made of Teak Wood. Rs. 3500 Very sturdy Great quality wood which pretty much guarantees long-time durability Totaline(Carrier) Cold/Normal/Hot Water Dispenser - Rs. 3400 Cannot find the bill so no warranty. Bought in May...
  4. bookoon

    Turntable buying advice

    Hi Folks I was more of a "cassette" era teenager, but some of the songs I had heard were on an LP (Vinyl is what is the Fad word is now). My 60 CD changer --- Sony is reaching its end of life (can't let it go.. gave it for repair/ services a couple of days back.. much to the reluctance of the...