FS: Storage Hardware 2TB Seagate 7200rpm drive & 256GB Samsung PM830 Series SATA SSD


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Jan 20, 2017
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For sale are the 2 drives as mentioned in the title.
The 2TB one was bought from Amazon sometime in 2017 so it's out of warranty. I was using it as my gaming drive till recently when I upgraded to an NVMe SSD.
The 256GB SSD was bought from an [E] forum member and is out of warranty too. It was used as my primary OS drive for some time and then as AMD storemi cache along with my gaming drive for a long time.

Expected pricing:-
2TB HDD - 1500/-
256GB SSD - 1000/-

  1. There are a few SMART warnings on the 2TB HDD which I discovered recently while trying to make this sale thread. Please check the attached screenshot of the same and then only make a decision to buy if you are ok with it. Otherwise, I never experienced any issues with the drive during the time I used it.
  2. The Hard disk sentinel software is showing a lower health percentage (which I found out when a previous buyer showed it to me). I have taken similar screenshots from other tools like crystaldiskinfo and HD tune. Please check the attached screenshots for complete details.
  3. Make up your mind before deciding to purchase. No returns after I have shipped the package.
  4. If you need any further tests or benchmarks to be done, please let me know.
Please approach me to buy only if you agree to the above disclaimers.


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