3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for INR 50


I think this only works for 1st time subscriber. My remaining gold membership period was converted to ultimate in 2019 after charging ₹50. Now I’m just trying to sell the Xbox one(sold), Xbox one x and PS4 pro and stick to my PC for gaming. 1st gold memebership price was increased few years back from 2.3k to 4k/year and now no annual subscription at all. They‘re getting greedy day by day. Not renewing. I’m out. Gladly most console exclusives are coming to PC now days. So no point playing with inferior quality on consoles. luls.


Get 4 months of Xbox gamepass ultimate for ₹120 using this method.

  1. Buy xbox gamepass (non ultimate version) for 1 month for ₹50, ₹59 after tax.
  2. Turn off recurring billing.
  3. Buy xbox gamepass ultimate 3 months for ₹50. (₹59 after tax) It'll change your base gamepass to ultimate edition and youll have 4 months of gamepass ultimate for ₹118.
  4. Turn off recurring billing.
  5. Enjoy


Edit: It takes some time for the subscription to update on the xbox app check the status of the sub here https://account.microsoft.com/services

Source: https://www.reddit.com/user/frustrated_baby/
As posted in reddit. All Credits go to the above OP.
When will this offer end?


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When will this offer end?
Noticed this in Reddit sub and posted it here for our forum gamer members. I too did not take it yet.
Don't know when it will end but one can buy as a gift which is 1k per 6months and the max number of months one can buy is 36 months plus these above 3 or 4 months.
The above also I noticed in the reddit sub which was previously posted by one of our fellow forum members there and here as well.
So all credits go to them or him.