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Is this an alright price for a gen 3 drive?
Ryzen 5600G for 12999 plus additional card discounts

First came on Flopkart..
Limited-time deal: Tizum Mouse Bungee, Flexible Mouse Cable Holder/ Drag-Free Mouse Support, Spring Arm with Cable Clip | Cord/ Wire Management | Gaming Gear/ Accessories/ Gadgets | Heavy Non-Slip Base, Black, 6x10x8 cm
@330 with coupon


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MSI MPG A750GF 750W 80 Plus Gold @ 5700 Rs.

Regular price is 8k normally

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Just a heads up for those planning on buying.

It is a great shame, though, that it has such a short hold-up time, and to add insult to injury, its power ok signal is inaccurate. The excuse for the short hold-up time is the low capacity bulk cap to save some money, but there is no excuse for the inaccurate power ok signal. EMI emissions should be lower, too.