FS: Processor AMD 3600 Ryzen 4.2 GHz hexa core processor - with box and *unused* heatsink. Bill is MIA (I just got back from Bombay!)


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Noida 201301
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5 out of 5
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Dec 31, 2019
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Selling since I have installed a 3900x.
Please do not bump the thread with messages that are inconsequential like 'interested', 'omg what pricing', and one that I saw recently 'dude you lost the invoice how careless' =-)

The pics are in the box. Liquid cooled. Used for a few months (about 2-3 hours a day for Salesforce work (lighter than Excel)
The processor has been mounted once, and dismounted once. Used with MX4 paste (not taking it off)

Max temps seen ever = 70*C (on a 240mm cooler with high speed fans). These chips are good for 90*C and they say every 10*C lower doubles the life of the proccy.

The condition is as good as packed and brand new (even though it evidently is not, but the heatsink will have zero usage marks, no heavy air cooler put on it, and at least you're getting a CPU that has shown stability :) so no trips to the RMA center.

UPI preferred - will take your ID before taking money - you can have my ID too. I do this on all transactions to prevent potential issues during IT audit.
I used to have >100 transactions with 99% feedback on Erodov that has now shut down :|

BTW for those who push the 'no invoice so cheaper de do' option with me, it's not an option.
The warranty is claimed without invoice. Invoice gives you an additional 3-4 months towards the end of warranty if the invoice + 3 years > import + 3 years' date.
Prices have gone up tremendously and will keep climbing. Expect the 5600x to cost about 26-28k when it lands. (3600x landed at 22k back in the day when imports were cheaper.)



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Chacha post feedback and I'll close this thread. People be pinging despite me saying it's sold!


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Bwahaha! It's quite unfortunate, but I don't see how erodov was making any money, though would have happily contributed to a fund to keep it going.