AMD 6000 series graphics cards

I know the thread is old but just wanted to leave a comparison here.
As of now, If you have just under 70K to spend for a GPU, you might see RTX 4070 as a good option or maybe 2nd hand RTX 3080s, but let me remind you, for a while now, RX 6950XTs are available for around 67K on amazon and vedantcomputers . It has 16 Gigs of frame buffer which is more than 4070 or even 3080. Ofc, not as good for RT but if you're interested in just raster performance then it's an awesome option. Video. The GPU is really very exciting and pulls ahead of 4070 in a lot of raster scenarios.
7800XT comes out at $499 so will it launch in India for 50K ?
Yes, it is very likely it will launch at that price. 6800XT is going for 54.5k (Newegg's price in the US is 529$) and 6950XT for 66.2K, will be really interesting to see what will happen to the pricing of these cards. + The free Starfield promotion that is going on for those cards might manage to nudge a few. Will only know more after the reviews and comparisons are out.