Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

Akash kuri

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2 slots available for next 3months FullHD,800 plan (200/month=600) if you want to join contact me @tom223 on telegram. Text me before 27may

Akash kuri

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I need a partner who is also looking for Docubay 1year subscription which cost 1499. But it's 749 for a year if you want contact me @tom223 on telegram
Contact me before 15/6/20


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I've a slot contact me @tom223 on telegram
On second thoughts send me a pm about the monthly subscription date and other details
I might shate that with someone who might be interested, do share your number too


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Wait are you guys offering for free or do you share the costs? How does it work? I don't use Netflix. Like at all. :oops: