Anyone left Reddit completely and moved somewhere else? What was your experience like?


I moved to the fediverse but deleted my accounts there. Had an account on Lemmy.World and on
Deleted my account on lemmy world because its no better than reddit. Same anti india posts and comments making fun of india or against india and mods openly deleting posts indians make trying to defend india. one mod told me indians were brigading the communities there and i pointed out the people making fun of india and he didnt reply back. plus they went on a purge of piracy related communities and defederated other instances saying there was brigading but not doing anything to the own brigading going on in their own instance. Then they removed all nsfw content right from the beginning on some reason of child porn when there was no child porn. Then a lot of communities recently went offline due to some people posting child porn on them. They shut off uploading all images to the communities above 50KB i think. Then they stopped federating kbin because of spam posted on kbin which gets copied to all servers in the fediverse. The lemmy world mods just want excuse to stop other instances fron showing up on their server. Plus long downtimes due to more and more people from reddit joining there. I mostly deleted my account due to negativity towards india by everyone there. they dont like people telliing them usa sucks or germany sucks etc but want to make fun of india and pass whatever comments they feel like. and if you point fingers at them they are quick to use the whataboutism word. instead of

deleted my kbin account because it is mostly spam and most of the communities (magazines) are just dead. no one posts anything. no comments. most of the stuff i see is from the toxic lemmy world site on kbin. so instead of spoiling my day i chose to delete my acount. Not going back to reddit. I opened reddit when i was searching some problem on google and it is a shit show now. it has fallen offa clif and is in the gutter.
I am on and it feels empty or old/stale news activity-wise most of the time. I still visit reddit on desktop but refuse to use their phone app.

About the India hate, it can't be helped. After Americans, we are slowly becoming the biggest user pool on the internet. The Chinese are locked behind the great firewall. Other nationalities just can't compete with us on numbers. Earlier the world used to get exposed to a lot of American stupidity or strange behaviour or American exceptionalism, and now, they are also getting bombarded by the same stuff from Indians. Average Americans are thought of as dumb and sheltered due to their online behaviour. This is going to be worse for us as they have some saving grace like Hollywood, TV, music, tech etc. The good things about Indian culture such as food, movies, cricket, tech are not going to be enough to undo the damage.

Lots of Indians post creepy comments on celebs/athletes/music icons' pages and it creates an image of India that is neither wholly true nor completely false. The news going out is always about weird stuff like gomutra or age-old customs or crimes like rapes or lynching. A few ISRO missions a year will not be able to counter the daily news to save our image. My two cents is to stop worrying about it. We will be able to defend this image only if and when we collectively become better as a nation. We pretend to have progressed enough to compete with developed nations, but we have many miles to go and especially as a society, we are very far from 21st century ideals.
I eventually created a new account on Reddit just a week after I deleted my old one because at the EOD that is where all the discussion happens.

Reddit was full of anti-India posts in the past week itself with the India-Canada spat, not helped by Indians posting there out of nationalism.

Reddit still works best in terms of anonymity if you don't get drawn into pointless discussions.

Use the revanced app on Android and with Sink It over browser on iOS.
No other site can match the user base of reddit which has subs for just about every topic under the sun, with a variety of content from real world users with real experiences. If Lemmy/kbin doesn't have a counterpart, start your own and post content - that's the only way to grow a community and encourage more reddit users to jump ship.

Also if you feel the need to defend a(ny) country online, you might be part of the problem. There will always be dumbfucks who want to feel superior about their own nation by belittling others. Ignore them and stick to what your interests are. Of all the things you can use the internet for, arguing with strangers about nationalistic pride is stupid. Given how "passionate" we can get, let's just hope the rest of the world doesn't put us behind a wall for bullying everyone online.
I really need my city based subreddits, hence not left it completely.

I joined Lemmy instance focused on tech because I don't want to get drawn into political discussions. However, most of my feed is just US politics and US focused discussions. There's very little discussion on tech, gaming, etc. which are relevant to everyone.

I use revanced reddit and sync for Lemmy.
I did try lemmy and all but did not like. May be because it was just getting off. Reddit withdrawal was too much for me to take.
I still use reddit actively daily. On PC, I have RES which helps to make reddit better with
On iPhone, I am using apollo which is considered as best iOS Reddit client and now after it officially shutdown, I am using the app with own API key.
Used reddit, left it and started using Quora. and here's my Opinion.
Reddit by a mile. I am a user of both and tbh most writers on Quora make a huge deal out of a simple question when the answer could be pretty straight forward. With addition to this, most people with exception of a few, try to act more knowledgeable without actually having experience in that particular field no offence. However, some answers are pretty good, but they are rare nowadays. Reddit is more diverse in comparison, its system as a lot less flaws and it basically preserves your identity in a way.
I was using this with reddit is fun until yesterday, got signed out suddenly from the app and now it won't let me sign back in. Anyone facing a similar issue?
The method works for me still. Try doing it with a new API key

Also, logging in isn't required as such (unless you want to be logged in)
The method works for me still. Try doing it with a new API key

Also, logging in isn't required as such (unless you want to be logged in)
Definitely want to be logged in. I have a very carefully curated feed, don't want the usual reddit front page trash to show up. I'll try with a new key.
Started with reddit for fun, but got bored..
Was active on mumbai sub (but since many months most of topics are related to college kids or gal friends)

I found reddit more useful for productivity discussions, almost all my apps have like minded people.

All the additional subs are hidden unsure custom feeds (not joined) but mostly read and post on apps I use daily.
Found it more useful.
Which method did you use to get Apollo working with your own API key?

Yes. Own API Key. I do have to refresh weekly but that's ok. I anyways have Twitter++ and Youtube++ (not actual names, basically modified versions) that I need to also refresh.
Method was to get the IPA and one more .deb file and then use sideloadly to install. If you don't have files, I can provide you as I have saved it lest I lose it.
Happy with Lemmy at the moment. I don't remember seeing any anti-India stuff in last 4 months there.

Reddit feels fake/astroturfed since last couple of years. Too many bots and reposters there.

Can't do anything about 'India-hate' cause we do have plenty of idiots/creeps/scammers in this country. Plus, our people can't take a joke at their expense at all. They resort to straight up name-calling and abusing family members which other people find cringe/funny and bait these morons even more.