Asus P5Q-E Intel P45 Chipset Motherboard

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Asus P5Q-E Intel P45 Chipset Motherboard ( SOLD )

Asus P5Q-E Intel P45 Chipset Motherboard​

SOLD to demonic​

  • Item: Asus P5Q-E
  • Condition: Used as my downloading/backup system
  • Date of purchase: July 2008
  • Remaining warranty: Yes (8 months )
  • Price: 3000 ( negotiable )
  • Shipping charge: Free
  • Shipping Method: DTDC
  • Payment methods: Bank Transfer
  • Return: Yes ( if it gets damaged while shipping )
  • Reason for sell: Using my custom Ion build system to save some space and power
  • Info: check the official site for further information and compatibility.

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This unit was bought on July 2008, I'm selling this as i no longer need this motherboard. While shipping I will try to include all accessories which was obtained while purchasing this product.

Attention ! please read the following statement carefully.

This motherboard has one broken socket pin ( head of one pin ) . To be more precise the pin AE11's head is broken which is one of the power pin of the LGA 775 socket,

as per intel socket diagram it might be power/ground pin ( most probably ground ) .

But the motherboard works perfectly fine , i have been using it since 2008 without any problems. The pin got broken accidentally while i was cleaning the motherboard .

I was using E8400 with this motherboard and it never made a problem like instability, crash or insufficient power.

p.s. check this pdf for intel lga 775 pin layout design.

Package includes:

  • The Motherboard itself
  • Accessories
  • Warranty papers
  • Manual

Special Note:

I dont have the original box, also read the thread carefully before buying it.

encl: 3 snapshots of the motherboard and cpu socket.

well to be honest the one and only one issue would be, maximum overclocking ability under LN2 / insane overvolting :)
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