Asus RT-N13U B1 - DD-wrt thread


Hi All,
Please help to find latest stable build for Asus RT-N13U B1.

I have flashed my old RT-N13U B1 according to following instruction:

I have used 25697 build that seemed to be the latest one from recommended repository (according to instruction )
but it is from 12-22-2014

My problem with 25697:
Wireless GUI Access control is not working.
No matter what option I choose - I can manage my router via WI-FI.
Many thanks in advance!


I have a Vodafone 4G dongle, which I want to be used as a backup to the PPPoE ACT broadband. Any ready scripts with the community? If ACT fails, switch to 4G. When ACT is restored... switch to it and disconnect 4G.
I'll eventually do it myself if there is none... but please point me to a script which you may already you have worked out.

I have this N13U B1 WAN router on DD-WRT v24-sp2 (12/22/14) std (SVN revision 25697)

If I get too 'effed by this, I would simply get my Rpi3 doing the 4G routing. Crude method -

1 bash script on rpi3 to monitor wan router via ssh; if PPPoE is up every 30secs
2 if fails
3 then rpi will execute an 'expect' script or just send command via ssh (doing command1 && command2 && command3 etc simple methods)
4 add a default route pointed to rpi3 with a higher admin distance (metric)
5 rpi3 meanwhile will dial in 4G connected to it
6 all ok
7 script keeps monitoring ACT through cron@30secs
8 if ACT alive, then
9 script logs in the wan router (ala step 3) and delete the old floating static default route

Please suggest, before I get on it with my crude method