BFG geforce 6800GT OC AGP 256mb GDDR3 @ 4k

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the card below is the BFG 6800GT OC AGP 256mb GDDR3
gpu clk 370mhz
mem clk 1000mhz
bandwidth 32gbps:hap2:
256mb 256 bit gddr3 memory
16 pixel pipelines.

p.s. beats even 7600gt at 1024 x 768 res.....

price drop to 4k + shippin..


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is this a locally bought card (difficult i guess) or a US one ???
If the latter , i shud assume the warranty will be covered by you as u stated the lifetime warranty part and all ???
Wolf is right.
Its frm us.
Bfg offers lifetime warranty. I just pastd d features frm site thats it.
ohhhh..........will you help in reclaiming warranty if theres any problem with the card ??? coz that might add a lot of glitter to that fabulous card.....temme soon so i can ask a frnd
Mate u can check d site for claimin warranty (hope u wud never need to do so;-)).
Card works flawlessly n also its factory overclockd.
Beats the 7600gt at 1024x768 res with aa/af off due to its 32gbps bandwidth vs 22.4(7600gt)
no i mean....since the card will have to be sent to US for RMA rite , at the buyers expense, and lets say he doesnt have ne1 coming-goin frm US , will u help him claimin the warranty ?? coz most guys on TE do that and tht is a big help
Luk i also dnt hav relatives frm us. I m using it rite nw. Usualy a gpu doesnt get fried just like tht except u ovrclk heavily or a manf defect. Since m using it for months there cant b a manft. defect. The sole reason 4 sellin it is coz m movin to c2d pcie.
Wil throw in sme extras like latest drivers disc, games (pm me).
sorry man, ma frnd is going for a PCIE mobo at the moment.....will see if any other frnds intrstd dont hold the card for me
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