Graphic Cards Can we RMA a GPU for high temps?

Last time was it done via manufacturing date or using bill.....if you have any soft copy that can also help.....or you can check warranty first on portal
Wanted to share an update on this.

Due to extreme summer heat, I was not able to find the time to visit the service center. So 2 nights ago, I just decided to replace the thermal paste myself with some mx4 that I had left over. Thankfully, GB does not have any of those warranty void stickers and I was able to dismantle the cooler with a little force and replace the paste successfully. Now the hotspot and GPU temp difference under load is around 12-13 degrees, which was roughly 25 degrees earlier. Luckily I did not damage any of the thermal pads and could reuse them without any issues. Now no throttling and the jet engine noise is gone!

Oh, and we also got our first rain of the summer in Kolkata last night...