Christmas/New Year clearance

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All righty folks, here is my excess inventory for Christmas 2008.

As before, Mumbai sales only, or those who can arrange pickup in Mumbai. Shipping ain't gonna work, So pls don't PM me to request shipping. I will delete and not reply to PMs asking for shipping. Thanks for your interest.

Spammers die, lowballers please PM. Thread is open for any questions. OT and irrelevant posts shall be sent to mods for deletion.

Have fun, and thanks for looking.

1. ECS 9600GT + Accelero S2: On hold Roboghost, Bikey, second card is optional add-on.

Price: 4.3K - lowballers, please desist.

Dual-slot 9600GT/512 with Arctic cooling Accelero cooler, bought from the Egg in March. Here's a link. - ECS N9600GT-512MX-P Frontline GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards Current prices are about 5.5K, and you don't get one with this cooler in the country, it costs about 1.2K extra. Never overclocked, and run with an identical card in SLI. KMD warranty only, one card only, I'm keeping the other. Temps - 55 idle, 65 load passive, 10 degrees lower with slow 80mm fan. Upgraded to a 4870X2, hence letting go.

2. Generic PSU. Sold!

Price: 1K, no lowballing please.

This is a heavy-duty generic ATX power supply which came with a server case. It is built like a tank, and could keep up with my Antec TP480. I'd trust any modern rig to it, after seeing the build quality and heft. This sale is optional, so if I don't get what I'm asking for, I'm keeping it. Selling due to upgrade to the Antec NSK 2480 with its own supply.

3. PSB Alpha Mini - bookshelf speakers. On hold!

Price: 6K, lowballers please PM me.

My office speakers are up for sale too. I'm looking for something more compact, so these babies are on their way out. I challenge anything at this price to come close to the sound of these speakers. Two-way, 6ohm, with a 5.5" woofer and a 0.5" tweeter, both polymer, rear-ported, 55-25KHz. No visible blemishes. The speakers are built to be placed in proximity to rear wall and on shelves, so placement issues are minimal.

@rocky_pratik - price is already mentioned, if you're looking for lower price let me know what it is you're looking at - by PM please.

@Speedz: You'll have to wait for that, but to warn you, there's no warranty on the RAM.
You can try searching for PSB Alpha Mini, they're the same speakers. You can see them here:

Product Review They're the smaller speakers kept on top of the sub.

There were quite a few versions - these ones are now replaced with the PSB Alpha LR1/B1 set.
I thought the ecube was taken- just not paid for and picked up. :|

And how could you put up the 6230i for sale?? :O :no:
I know there's a lot of payment pending, but when Santa comes this Christmas, he will be carrying a thick wad of notes. :eek:hyeah:

TechHead said:
Man, those Sonys are nice. Wish I had the space :mad:

Please don't rub salt on my wounds. :|

If i dare take them, i might have to knock out the pillars at home and place them there instead and then dad will show me the door . :rofl:
I really wish Sangram sir wouldn't have mentioned these were Sony and had made the buyer listen to them and asked him to offer a price accordingly.

... and then revealed the truth. :p
6230i on hold: Bikey followed by sTALKEr (man, was that ick hard to type).

No warranty on the phone, IIRC - it was 1 year. The phone is 2.5 years old (Jan 2006/Dec 2005).
Am out, will post back tomorrow. Bear in mind the label is not representative of the output. I've pulled over 40 amps from the +5V line and it's not flinched, and the 12V line is good for 20A at least (separately). I'll let you know what's on the label.
alright i am inline and serious about 6230I ... let me know if it is available.

Secondly. How old? any scratches?
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