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Bought this keyboard from a member here (packed brand new as I remember). But after that, I have not used it much. It has been quite literally and figuratively gathering dust. I have been offloading quite a few of my keyboards lately. I am going as light as possible since I have been travelling.

Keyboard condition is top-notch. (there is some dust between the keys)
Works as expected.
There is no problem with any of the keys.
The top plastic wrapper has not even been taken off nor is it coming off.
I will not be able to courier it, so if you can arrange for a pick-up I will keep it packed.
Comes with original packaging. I do not know what the warranty is like. Since I seemed to have misplaced the bill. If the warranty is by serial number, then The serial number sticker (along with the rest of the keyboard) is immaculate.
The pictures also show that the rubber feel have not seen any wear either.

The way life has been turning out, I have no choice but to let go of a lot of things.

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