1. D

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Custom loop Corsair Hydro X, 3900X, Corsair LL120, Commander Pro etc

    I put together after I made a big purchase last year during Black Friday season. I only built it up but never used it because I was waiting for the Nvidia 3xxx series to release much sooner in the year. The rig and the parts have been used so little that even the TIM on the CPU and the cooler...
  2. Rockfella

    FS: Keyboard and Mice 1/2 Years old Corsair RGB K55 KB + Corsair Gaming Harpoon RGB Mouse.

    Rs. 3000 for both + shipping included. Buyer can pick both for 2k from my house in Gurgaon (NCR) Keyboard gifted in Jan 2018, No invoice no warrantee. Mouse has 10 months warrantee left. Invoice uploaded. KB was used, has been kept packed for a month or two now. Mouse barely used. Both work...
  3. thomasjude47

    FS: Desktops Ryzen 5 2400G/msi X470 mobo/16gb ddr4/ 8gb ddr4 /1 TB HDD/CM ML120L RGB cooler

    selling some PC components: 1. Ryzen 5 2400G processor :- Rs. 5700 warranty- 5 months 2. MSI X-470 gaming motherboard- Rs. 8500 warranty- 1 year. No box bill is missing at present. Will update thread once its found 3. Corsair vengeance 16GB 3000mhz ddr4 ram- Rs. 4200 lifetime warranty...
  4. mach9

    You get what you paid for - Why you should consider paying for brands like Corsair

    Long story short. Not many companies do good customer service - let alone GREAT customer service. But a recent experience with Corsair left me with my faith restored in brands that take their customer care seriously and do a damn fine job at it. And that's why they deserve kudos when they...
  5. vaibhavyagnik

    FS: Others Intel i7 860, DFI P55 t3eh9 Motherboard, CX430, DDR3 1600 RAM, NZXT Elite 210, Fans, PWM Fan Hub

    Product Name: Intel i7 860, DFI P55 t3eh9 Combo Expected Price: Rs 4000 3800 Shipping charges: at actuals or buyer can arrange Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: No defects on the motherboard. With stock settings, i7 860 turbos upto 3.15 Ghz. I have overclocked the processor upto 3.3...
  6. Prashant Verma

    FS: RAM Corsair Vengeance lpx 3000mhz 16gbx2

    Nice low profile memory. Both are version 4.32
  7. Hypnotised Lemon

    FS: Headphone Boult Audio TrueBuds

    Boult Audio TrueBuds- 1500/- Bought on 24th August 2020 from Amazon. They have been sitting unused after a week of buying them due to personal reasons. They are on their second charge cycle, used very sparingly. It also has all of its original accessories (different sized buds, USB C cable)...
  8. S

    FS: Others Corsair RM550 fully modular PSU

    Hi All, Want to sell my Corsair RM550 fully modular PSU. Which I got as replacement for VX550, after that it has run for <150hrs. Model number and details: Corsair RM550 Fully Modular Super silent PSU Expected Price: Rs 2750( Sold to @CRACING ) Date of purchase: Early 2015 Reason for sale ...
  9. MagicianRecon

    FS: Others Corsair CX550 - Only 9 months used!

    Looking for a quick sell! Slightly negotiable. Depending on the buyer and the deal, can agree to split shipping. Local buyers preferred! Corsair CX550 550 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply (CP-9020121-NA)
  10. Karthik G

    FS: Others Multiple items - House purging sale (Part-1 of 2)

    ================ All tempered glasses - condition 5/5 CASE U Full Glue OnePlus 6 Full Coverage 3D Tempered Glass, Full Edge-to-Edge 3D Screen Protector for Oneplus 6- (3 Pack) - Rs.500 FOSO redmi note 3 tempered glass - Rs. 100 Redmi note 3 privacy tempered glass - Rs. 300 iPhone x temprered...
  11. P

    FS: RAM Corsair Gaming Dual Channel 4GB DDR2 800Mhz Kit

    For sale is Corsair XMS Gaming Dual Channel 4GB DDR2 800Mhz Kit Used for 3 years, no issues whatsoever. Price: 400 + Free Shipping Location: Mumbai. I would prefer buyers from Mumbai so that they can come and inspect the RAM before purchase, although I assure the buyer that there is no issue...
  12. T

    FS: Cabinets Decent (?) 1080p Gaming / Editing Rig

    -- SOLD --
  13. chetansha

    FS: RAM Corsair Vengeance ® RGB PRO 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 Expected Price:*Rs 12,000/- Reason for Sale:*not required RMA/Servicing history:*RMA'd last week Product Condition:*5 out of 5 Purchase Invoice Available:*NA Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period:*Lifetime...
  14. SunnyBoi

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair CX430

    I dont remember when I bought it, must be around 2014 or 2015. Did duties in my parent's PC which was BARELY used. Unused between 2016 to 2018 afterwards I resurrected their PC. Even then its powered on once a month just so that dad can pay his CC and phone bills, which again stopped because...
  15. D

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Corsair gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard

    For sale are some more unused PC gaming tech. 1. Corsair K63 mechanical, purchased in Nov 2018 from PrimeABGB, Cherry MX Red switches 2. Corsair M65 Elite Pro gaming mouse, purchased in Nov 2018 from BestBuy USA I don't game on my PC anymore, so these are lying idle. Expected prices: - K63...
  16. L

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair RM 1000X 1000W 80Plus Gold PSU (sealed pack) Fresh RMA'ed

    Hello People, Up for sale is a sealed pack (fresh RMA'ed) Corsair RM 1000X 1000W 80 Plus GOLD PSU Bought to create a new rig but dropped the plans. It was RMA'ed approx an year ago and has been lying ever since. It was purchased from Amazon India 2 years ago and still has 8 years of warranty...
  17. Blackend

    FS: Keyboard and Mice K95 RGB Cherry Red

    Selling my old K95 RGB keyboard. It has been lying unused for a couple months till last week when I needed to use it when my keyboard went for RMA. It works fine except for the issues below, 1. The wrist rest has become sticky and is pretty much not usable according to me. The plastic/rubber...
  18. i_rock098

    FS: Processor Intel i5-2400 + Corsair DDR3 8GB RAM (2x4GB)

    Up for sale is my Intel i5-2400 processor with two sticks of Corsair DDR3 RAM of 4 GB each. My motherboard died recently and I decided to upgrade to a Ryzen build is why i am selling this. As I don't have a spare motherboard to post CPUz photos I am willing to give 5 days testing warranty to the...
  19. Leg3nd

    Corsair Power Supply

    Want to buy a Corsair RM 650X or above PSU. Preferably with warranty left. Even the HX series will be OK but only the newer ones. Thanks .
  20. S

    FS: Home Audio Video Corsair SP2500 | Nonworking

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: Rs 5,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from local shop. Reason for Sale: Not working. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition: Opened...