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Jun 17, 2022
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Changed to a bigger cabinet
Hi friends, selling my approximately 10 month old cabinet.
Product link: https://www.deepcool.com/products/Cases/fulltowercases/2021/14303.sh

Matrexx 30 SI is a small cabinet, one of the smallest to support M-ATX motherboards (about 30 L in volume). When I was buying the PC, I wanted a small cabinet, so got this. But after a while, I didn't mind having a slightly bigger cabinet, so moved to Silverstone FARA H1M.

The cabinet is in great condition as it is not that old. It comes with a rear exhaust which has a 3-pin connector (no PWM). It has space for a DVD drive and couple of 3.5" HDDs and couple of 2.5" SATA SSDs as well. Space may be a bit tight though, if you want to use all of these things.

Top PCIe slot cover was of removable type. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this at the time of purchase. The shop guys didn't give me the cover after assembling it. So that's the only issue with this cabinet, the top 2 PCIe slots are open with no way to close them. (since I was using an RTX 3060 in it). It also might be missing a few screws since the shop, again, didn't give me the remaining screws. However, I will include whatever is available with me, which should be sufficient for PSU, motherboard, and a SATA drive or two.

P.S.: Please watch the linked videos and go through the specs to make sure your components will fit in this. It's a small cabinet, which means some compromises in terms of cable management and routing space. I thought people should be aware about it before buying.

Will prefer local pickup as shipping cost will probably make it a poor deal. However, if you really want it, let me know and I'll try to work something out.


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Price drop to 1200. Less than a year old and less than half the price.
Send in your offers, don't mind some negotiating.