1. nileshsrox

    Budget 0-20k New to NAS, looking for a cabinet

    So the title says I'm new to NAS(like 3-4 weeks in only) and used an old Dell SFF PC to create a TrueNas build by myself since I had 3 1TB hard drives, I got 4 more from someone on olx, now I have all these drives but no space for them as can be seen from the pic. So 2 drives are already in the...
  2. W

    FS: Cabinets Lian Li O11 Dynamic - Black A little dusty and some broken grommet as seen in the pics. Available with all accessories that come with the case. Does not support a rear fan, though can squeeze a 80mm. Also does not support full size air cooler (supports < 155mm) Have the box and...
  3. m1tr

    Budget 0-20k Horizontal (console-like) PC cases

    I am thinking of building a new PC for gaming/media serving. For aesthetic reasons, I would prefer the PC to look similar to an AV receiver since I would like to keep it under the TV. A case that suits my requirement pretty well is the Silverstone GD11 but it's not available in India. The...
  4. A

    FS: Others Corsair 100R [Giveaway]

    Item: Corsair Carbide Series 100R CC-9011075-WW Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case ATX (not Included) Power Supply Accessories: None (Might look for some nuts and other things if I get the time ) Local pickup only Note: This is a 100R model as far as I can recall. There is nothing wrong...
  5. gREen

    FS: Desktops AMD FX8350, 990FX Extreme9, Strix GTX960, 32GB RipjawX, H80i AIO Cooler and NZXT Red Phantom 410.

    This was built in the period of 2013-15 over the course with multiple upgrades. Everything is bought new except 2x RipjawsX which i bought from rsaeon, recently. Used till 2018 and retired. Took away, dusted, repasted with Cryofuse and check with the default cooler, installed the ram, It was...
  6. B

    FS: Cabinets Galax Rev 01 Case

    only local buyers as Box is not available Note - only case no stocks fans included only argb controller hub
  7. Prajval Raval

    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh (White)

    I am selling my Cooler Master TD500 Mesh cabinet because recently upgraded to a Dual chamber case. - Mesh case with good airflow. - White case with 3 ARGB fans included. - All accessories included. - Good condition Original box available. The price is 4000/- + shipping. Will ship...
  8. C

    Best dirt free cabinet

    Guys I have a current cabinet I don’t know which brand but pic’s attached below . Comes with dust filter but I am not happy with the performance of the cabinet. Too much dust still manage to reach inside the cabinet. Please suggest me a cabinet with best performance regarding keeping the dust away
  9. A

    FS: Desktops PC bought in 2021

    All parts bought in April 2021. Location is Bangalore. 1. LIAN LI LANCOOL 215 ARGB E-ATX MID TOWER CABINET (BLACK) - I'm not sure of the warranty on the cabinet. 2. ASUS PRIME B560-PLUS Intel B560 ATX Motherboard - Warranty left till 2024/02/21 (~2.5 months) 3. Intel Core i5-11500 11th...
  10. M

    FS: Cabinets Silverstone iTX RVZ03-ARGB Cabinet

    Selling Silverstone Mini-iTX RVZ03-ARGB Cabinet Though very compact, the cabinet can use an ATX PSU too. Also comes with 2 low-profile Silverstone fans. Note: 1) While the cabinet itself is in great condition, my brother had accidentally managed to chip (not break) one of the outside edges of...
  11. E

    WTB Any old and cheap mATX cabinet

    Hey, Anyone has cheap old cabinet (mATX preferred) like the ones from intex/frontech/zebronics etc. lying around? I wanna setup a server in it. Local pickup in Delhi/Noida only.
  12. viralbug

    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master NR200 mini itx cabinet + ATX PSU bracket

    Cabinet : ATX PSU bracket: Selling NR200 cabinet with all accessories it came with (2 fans + accessories box). It is the steel version with no...
  13. Hachune

    WTB Mid Tower Case/Cabinet.

    Hello, It turns out my case has pretty bad airflow despite installing lots of fans. If you have a good condition case with decent airflow with the possibility of shipment, please let me know. Or please give me a suggestion to buy. Thanks PS : Where do you guys buy reasonably priced thermal pads?
  14. shauvik_r

    FS: Cabinets Cabinet (Fractal Design Era ITX) and PSU (Corsair SF600)

    I am selling my Fractal Design Era ITX Blue, which I bought from another forum member in December last year. I have used it for the remaining period and faced no issues. I am upgrading to another case that can fit my GPU, so I wanted to sell this one. I have attached pictures of all the screws...
  15. R

    FS: Desktops Cabinet and Motherboard

    Hi All, Planning to sell the 3 components of my system: 1) Cabinet: LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic - expected price 5k 2) Bykski front distribution plate (without pump) - expected price 3k 3) Motherboard: GIGABYTE AMD B550 AORUS PRO V2 - 8k This cabinet, I had to make some cuttings at the back to...
  16. rsaeon

    FS: Cabinets Louqe Ghost S1 MK III

    I have two Louqe Ghost S1 Mk III's up for sale here. I purchased them with the intention of turning them into NAS's but the sheer amount of computers I have means that I need to move to racked systems. They were purchased from StacksKB during the third week of February this year. They're both...
  17. N

    FS: Cabinets Mini-tower/HTPC cabinet with PSU - CircleCT Stick

    I'm selling my old computer cabinet with the included power supply. I have included links to the YouTube videos of the cabinet and the Amazon page for reviews. Preference is for local buyers as I don't have its original box. Specifications Also supports 2 x 2.5" drives Videos Amazon...
  18. andrew327

    - Cooler Master Cosmos II - AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x - Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 - Corsair RM1000X - Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen - Nighthawk X6 -

    Item is used and normal wear and tear is visible on the product. Everything works as it should. Item condition as shown in the picture. 1 - Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case [front grill missing] overall condition good - 14k [no shipping] 2 - AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x + Asus ROG...
  19. Psycho_McCrazy

    FS: Cabinets Cooler Master Centurion 532

    Up for sale is my trusty old CoolerMaster Centurion 532 case. Comes with two 120mm case fans installed, front intake is has LEDs Full ATX Motherboard support, 5x 5.25 bays - all of which have foam intake filtering, 3x internal 3.5 inch HDD bays with tool-less drive mounting (slide guides are...
  20. enc0dex264

    FS: Cabinets Lian li Lancool 216 Black Cabinet + SL UNI V2 Fans

    Selling because ive upgraded to a Phanteks NV7, Cabinet is only 3 months old and comes with all inbox accessories.. i will be using the packaging from the new cabinet to package it and ship it so it will reach you as is. No scratches or marks and looks as good as new. 5k for the cabinet alone...