Do you ever buy something extra just in case first one breaks in future and you have backup?


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Had purchased additional compatible chargers for Gear Fit2 Pro from AliExpress back in the day along with its purchase on Flipkart. More than redundancy, it was to carry one as a travel charger while having another one at home but it is a general issue with anything using proprietary connectors, you never know if it will break and render your device useless.


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I tend to buy multiple mobile holders for car navigation. Just returned one today.
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Sennheiser PX 80 on ear headphones. The first ones worked for 6 years. The comfort was unparalleled. Tried buying one now but its an EOL model. I would have even paid 3x the price happily. :(

Decathlon 100₹ black T-shirts: need to buy 10 pair of these :D