DON'T Spam TE; Market is a Closed section

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Hi folks, I'm running into a bit of trouble figuring out the rules for the Classifieds section. From what I could find, you're not allowed to create For Sale threads
But this does not apply to expressing interest posts right ?
I've been trying to post in threads multiple times but none of my posts get approved and completely disappear the next day.

Can someone explain to me what's going on?
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Hello, I am trying to purchase a thing from market section from past 3 days. I don’t have sufficient rights to post so I see a mod approval message. That’s fine, but that post is not getting approved and is deleted after some time. It has happened 3 days in a row now.
I want to ask if I am breaking any rules posting in the market section with a simple interested message.
I wanted to know how do i Pm someone.
i was intrested to buy a ssd and i posted a message yesterday in the thread it said waiting to mod approval.
and today i checked i couden't find my message and i don't know the way to reach out to the person.

My messages Auto Delete or by mod .
All the messages need to get approved by a mod but is never Visible to Anyone


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Hi I m sry but all u said it's not allowed.
U didn't say y or how to get access .
So for a new member is there no way to buy anything?

Also mb I will post in a different place if I find it
i cant pm for some reason im new here and came here as it was linked in r/ subreddit ? hard time trying to figure out thx
Classifieds section and PM is closed for New Members - due to a sudden increase in spam.
Just like reddit, we have Sticky/Pinned threads in the Classifieds subforum with this information.
Some redditors are linking to Classifieds and causing confusion. Please inform the Mods there. Thanks.
From the last week I have been trying to reply to multiple marketplace posts but the reply do not pass the mod's approval. The format of my writing is same since last year
Have I been shadow Banned and if yes what are the possible reasons. Please help someone.
Until yesterday I was a disciple. Today I'm suddenly back to recruit and need mod permission to post or reply. How is this happening? I've been busy the past few days with exams so does the counter start ticking down with inactivity or is this a bug?
i joined Techenclave because of my interest in tech and gadgets but most of my messages was deleted and i was banned for posting a member to pm me in FS section
so recruits cant even buy?
im in lot of forums and i enjoyed it but Techenclave is very strict over users just my suggestion no intention to hurt anyone:)
I'm txh, new to this platform. I found this forum when I was trying to buy headphones. But for some reason when i type in the selling threads my account got temp banned and idk what I did wrong. Could someone familiar guide me?

I have been on Techenclave for some time and it's only trusted forum to buy used electronics.

But for some reason New members are not allowed to message in Classified post. So how am i supposed to buy anything from here?
Apr 22:-
When I was active last time purchased hx650 & hd7800.... Now i am back.... Things have changed.... I don't remember my old login... And can't post i need to buy or reply to classifieds... Any idea what to do?

Apr 28:-
One of my Friends suggested TE as good marketplace for PC components, now that i am here i cant seem to reply threads nor can i PM anyone.......anyone help me out how to go ahead ???

May 9:-
I was a TE member since old Digit/TE meet days, lost touch due to job, now i am back but idk my old account details, made a new account but cant post in Bye sell or PM some, the sticky says recruits cant post but it no where says what are we supposed to do to be able to post? Do we need to buy membership to TE , do we need to have X no of posts before we can access buy/WTB threads, do we need to send gifts to mods :D

Instead of just closing /deleting this thread , it will be great help from old members/mods to answer this.
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