1. atg666

    WTB WTB Mini tower / compact / horizontal PC case

    wish for a used PC case with the following: can fit full size ATX PSU. can fit compact CPU cooler. should fit mATX motherboards. should fit a normal 2 fan GPU without riser (open to compact ones with GPU riser bracket, but should fit a full size PSU). prefer horizontal ones, since this is...
  2. RahatB

    WTB CPU + MoBo Combo & RAM

    Want to buy asap, need A CPU+MoBo Combo around 15k. Ram - 116gb 8x2 DDR4 Only buying CPU + MoBo together, Ram can be bundled or separate. Delhi, dont mind incoming shipments. Will be purchasing and closing deals ASAP.
  3. shakesbeer

    WTB Samsung galaxy s10

    I want to buy a Galaxy S10, preferably in good condition and no repairs.
  4. RadarHz

    WTB M.2 SSD (SATA/NVME, 250~500GB)

    Looking for a used m.2 SSD, preferably with more than 75% health of capacity somewhere between 250 and 500gb. Could pick up a 120gb model too, if the price is good. Both SATA (b+m) or NVME would work. Need shipped, as well.
  5. E

    WTB Cheap old laptop for experimental use

    Hi, Looking for old laptop, nothing newer than 2nd gen Intel Core series. Pentium Quad Core CPUs also welcome. AMD also works (non-ryzen), at least 6-10 years old laptop. Should do basic web browsing, online videos and Office apps. Linux support for wifi would be nice to have as I will probably...
  6. Goodfella

    WTB Playstation 4 Slim or Pro [jailbroken or can be JB]

    Greetings. My first post here. As the title says, I am looking to buy a PS4 Slim or Pro [preferably Slim and 1 TB], that is jailbroken or on a firmware version that can be jailbroken. Looking forward to reasonable offers.
  7. creative420

    WTB Basic front cam mobile phone

    Require a phone for my maid (I'll be paying for it). Right now she's using Samsung Core Duos, with broken screen, with a very basic camera which has gone kaput. She wants a phone that has basic Front Cam, so she can do whatsapp video calls with her family. I have a HTC Explorer in legit...
  8. RadarHz

    WTB WTB a GTX1650, RX570 (4GB VRAM) or similar

    Preferably not very power hungry cards. Willing to accept out-of-warranty pieces at a lower price, as well. =>3GB VRAM is my only requirement, really. Doesn't have to be a powerful GPU. I'm willing to cover more than half the shipping costs, as long as the price isn't obscene.
  9. P

    WTB cheap Nuc or cpu/mobo or whole system

    low power consuming 30W or below cpu or cpu mobo combo , nuc, whole pc will be okay too. the cheaper it is the better. got one from outside thread can be closed.
  10. iPwnz

    WTB Looking for a gaming PC good enough for streaming in at least 1080p60fps

    1. CPU: i5 10400f 2. Motherboard: Gigabyte B460M DS3H, B460 Gaming HD or similar 3. RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz/2933Mhz/3000Mhz/3200Mhz 4. SSD: 250/500 GB NVMe and 500GB 2.5" SATA. I want Samsung Evo 860/970/WD Blue or Crucial MX500 models. Not interested in QLC or cheap SSD's from Kingston, Adata...
  11. S

    WTB Looking for GTX 1070, 1070TI, 1080, 1660S, Vega 56, 980ti, 1660ti

    Want to buy mentioned Cards send me your offers I'm also selling i5 10400 Thanks
  12. N

    WTB Looking for a thin and light laptop

    Preferably a Surface Pro (Generation 4 and above)
  13. Ayushchaudhary

    Budget 41-50k Asus X509fj

    There is an laptop asus x509 fj i7 8gen 8gb 512gb two months old .purchased at 60k .want to buy it .how much should i go for it?have my budget b/w 40k-50k.if there any other laptop please advice me.
  14. P

    WTB WTB GTX 1070 or 1660 Super

    Looking for a decently priced GTX 1070 or a 1660/ 1660 Super. I'm located in Delhi-NCR region, local offers will be given preference.
  15. G

    WTB Looking to buy a PS4 Console

    I am looking for a second hand PS4 console to buy at a reasonable rate. I am open to buying fat/slim models. Preferably with an extra controller as well. The hard disk size is also not really an issue since I ll mostly be using it for playing exclusives only (I have PC otherwise). But no...
  16. J

    Laptops Want repasting done on Acer Predator laptop

    Where can I find any Acer service center/ third party local to Hyderabad that can open, clean and reapply good quality thermal paste. The temperatures are bit too hot for usage. I dont have any warranty on this, and I dont trust myself enough to do it on my own. Can anyone point to a service or...
  17. sidk47

    Core i7 - 3770K

    Wanted the intel processor as mentioned in the title. Please do respond if you have this processor.
  18. J

    1050ti Low profile

    Looking for a 1050ti used low profile card under 10k. Preferably in Hyderabad, willing to pay shipping.
  19. Skynet

    Need a PSU 750-1200W

    Need a working PSU from 750-1200W modular with bronze and above rating with a bill and some warranty left AX1200i,HX1000i and seasonic 1200xp3 are the preferred PSUs in my list. please shoot away your offerings:D
  20. rock_ya_baby

    Budget 15-20K Samsung on max?

    Guys any opinions on the Samsung On Max. I've been looking to upgrade from my very old Xiaomi Note4G. Never had a Samsung, but this one with 5.7" screen is looking decent to me. I would have got Xiaomi Note 4 if availability wasn't an issue. 1. Budget? A: INR 12k-18k 2. Preferred display...