DON'T Spam TE; Market is a Closed section

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All 3 of them got cancelled i didn't use bad language or broke any rules i assume messaging works like this if not please anyone help me.
Basically, what the title says, there is no post thread button when I visit classifieds. How can I become eligible?
did the requirement of being a disciple changed or what ?
I become disciple after i got karma, but then i got reverted back to adept after 2-3 days , with less score , and now my new comments are also not adding to any score .

Also I posted one wts post after becoming disciple , but it also got deleted without any reason/prompt , im confused as to why is this happening
I am trying to open a new conversation but not able to see any option for it. I have checked the help section as well but it lacks the information about it. Further I'm trying to post but seems like my posts/replies are being deleted but I'm not sure of the cause. Is it possible for @mods to add a reason while removing a post/reply so that the user can know how to improve on it?
Hello everyone , not sure if this is the right place to ask so pardon my intrusion

I am facing an issue / bug / probably my mistake , that I got demoted from Disciple to Recruit somehow , I didnt notice until recently when while leaving a reply post on a classified thread it showed up for Moderator Approval .
Reason I am asking being , I have recently purchased an item , and was able to initiate PM to him a few days back (probably a week back)

I would like to know as to why I got demoted and what are the updated rules if any ? [ PS : If I think about being Recruit , I should not be able to access Classifieds / WTB right ? Is this a bug or ? I know it might be my fault of maybe missing any conditions / rules but I am curious to know . ]
Some more advice.
Don't spam TE for market access, it's a waste of time. You will have more time for gaming instead :cool:
appreciated. will keep in mind if i decide spamming is the best way to get access on a place where mods read and approve every single comment :cool:
no but seriously, thanks for making me sound like an upcoming scammer when i only pick topics i actually care about to speak to other people with. you literally require me newbies to make posts and then you say things like these when i make a few posts a day so i dont have to wait forever?
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The sticky thread details how the title promotion works but it does not specify any criteria for Disciple title. I asked few questions yesterday about same as I wanted to know about the "start conversation" option which I was able to access earlier (June 2023). But somehow mods decided to disapprove all such posts and decided to market restrict me. Weirdly enough there is no post/message/email explaining the decision. At the very least, one should be able to point the person in the right direction.

Also, as per the forum posting rule #11
Do not use discussion threads as a chat room for private communication; instead contact the member directly using your Inbox link.
How can one contact the member directly when the feature is taken away and yet we see this old rule adding to the confusion? Shouldn't this rule be removed or amended appropriately?
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