Extremely Rare! Lenovo P330 8th Gen Tiny - Barebones DUAL NVME SSD Slot with PCIE Riser!

There is no more P330 available for sale except for the ones below - no further stock available at least for the foreseeable future.

1 x Lenovo P330 @ 6000/-

1 x Lenovo M920X with RX560 (4GB) @ 12000/-
Hello, I am interested in a tiny PC. I am looking at this and the other thread you have listed for the optiplex 3050. If I'm still unable to DM you, may I request you to initiate one with me instead? Thanks!
Does it come with sata connector for 2.5 inch drive?
Yes bro
This available with CPU, RAM and HDD?
Yes as before you can get it with any compatible config you like the price is quoted for barebones only.
Photos attached
The usbc port at the rear is only available on one of the units, so who ever buys it first will get it.


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