For those who dont compromise : Nuforce Audio device

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| NuForce BT Sports Stereo Bluetooth Headset|PRICE : 3200
|NE-6|PRICE :2450

|NE-7|PRICE :2950


|Nuforce Udac|PRICE:5410

|Nuforce Icon mobile|PRICE:5410

|Nuforce Icon HDP|PRICE:27109



|Desktop Icon|PRICE : 15033

|Nuforce W-1|PRICE:15033

ETA : ready stock

Product will be officially imported by us ie BUYGAMINGSTUFF :D


Interested peoples list

HydroXidE for uDAC X 1 unit

Konquerror for NE-6 X 1 unit

astrono_me for NE-7 X 1 unit

cravikum for NE6 X 1 unit

cravikum for uDAC X 1 unit

textualoffender for NE7 X 1 unit

nizarp for NE6 X 1 unit

techmaster for NE6 X 1 unit

sankhadeep for NE7 X 1 unit

palandu for Icon mobile X 1 unit

djvirus for NE6 X 1 unit

sajitsm for NE6 X 1 unit

janitha for NE6 X 1 unit

babhishek for NE7 X 1 unit

ribokle for NE6 X 1 unit

sujit801 for NE8 X 1 unit

raja_mastana ( ie sujit801)for icon mobile Black X1 unit

Leshy for NE6 X 1 unit

muralimahe for NE7 X 1 unit

Parix for Icon Mobile X 1 unit

brn003 for UF30 X 1 unit

spolygon for NE6 X 1 unit

st00pfie for NE6 X 1 unit

sabby for NE7 X 1 unit

sudindra for NE6 X 1 unit

psyph3r For NE6 X 1 unit for NE6 X 1 unit

kuki_295 for NE6 X 1 unit

update : 15/7/2010

All nuforce product available with

Bass N Treble -Delhi Address : F301,F302

Aditya Complex,Plot no 4 sec-10,new delhi

pin code : 110078 Contact person : Denny -09999016124

for Nuforce update stay in touch with us on facebook : Vijay Sunil Choudhari | Facebook


SHIPPING : 60 for ear phones

for rest : 100 rs FLAT

Warranty :

  • 1 years replacement on ear phones too (Internationally its only 3 months )
  • 1 years replacement on Dac and other devices

Just shoot us email and product will be collected and replaced product will be Freely delivered at your DOORSTEP

via Bluedart

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Interested members can Drop us PM too
Wow great pricing for that uDAC! Cheapest USB headphone/stereo DAC with coax digital out?
i'm interested in NE6...however i already have EP630 and is it worth upgrading? i love bass and i find PL11 has little less bass than EP630 and i like EP630 more...please advice....
Should i buy this uDAC instead of a Xonar DX? :S Just want awesome sound quality.
Mods can delete this post if its the wrong section, though i think its crucial here.
My thoughts...exactly... Why USB DAC over a sound card

I hope mods won't be offended by these discussions in market section:ashamed:
OMG OMG !! I've been waiting for NuForce to come here since ages. Finally some one took the initiative ...Of all the above the products the NE-6 IEMs and the NuForce uDAC are one of the best super VFM deals.

The NE-6 is a competitor to the Head Direct RE-2 and has a similar sound signature as well ,with a better bass than the RE-2(stock).Only the RE-2 seems to have a slightly better soundstage.

Some say RE-2 + Fiio E5 = the sound of the NE-6. The pricing seems to be perfect and makes the NE-6 the best option right now under 2k ! :D.

The NE-7M is same as the NE-6 ,with an mic for mobile phones. So the one's who need to use it with iphones and other mobiles ,NE-7M is a good option.

No experience with the NE-8 but at that price point ,I feel the Eterna could be the best bet,but still cant pass on judgments since I haven't tried any of them.Just going by other opinions .

The uDAC needs no introduction , it has dedicated thread on head-fi where people are actually comparing the 99$ wonder with DAC's worth 3-4 times its price. My hands are itching to try it out and get one !

Guys if you are looking for a external sound card for pure musical purpose or at your first step to real quality audio the uDAC is the one to go for .

Kudos to Buygaming stuff for getting this here. So glad to finally see real good Audio gear being made available at non-insane prices. Now only if I had cash to get the uDAC.

baaah , the above words might sound like a marketing post. :rofl::rofl:but I am actually very happy that slowly we are getting some really good VFM audio gear at non-insane prices here in India.

sato1986 said:
Should i buy this uDAC instead of a Xonar DX? :S Just want awesome sound quality.

Mods can delete this post if its the wrong section, though i think its crucial here.

I feel if your main purpose is a good music listening setup consisting of a mid/high end headphones , a external DAC is the way to go unless you can afford a XONAR D2X or STX with dedicated headphone amp.

Why a DAC instead of Sound card ?

cause the DAC would provide better sound quality compared to the sound card.(considering a uDAC vs Xonar DX).Also the DAC seems has better headphone driving capability compared to the sound card.

Also internal sound card seem to be affected by the case fan noise etc.I haven't personally noticed anything as such but read about it .Just though of mentioning it .:ashamed:.
What I don't seem to digest is the pricing! Thats more like 99USD to me - the retail pricing of the unit abroad! :O
Pricing seems to be decent.The uDAC costs 99$ + shipping when directly ordered from NuForce.AFAIK, BF1983 had to spend some 110-120$ for it shipped to India.
Nice deal Vijay !

Do you have any plans of introducing some of the upper range products like HDP from Nuforce?
Great deal. These are leagues ahead of pl-30/pl-11 etc. Going by the reviews at headfi etc these are better than the pl-50s too. Bought an ne7 for almost twice as much from kmd :(

If the ne-6 sounds the same as the ne-7 then they should be the best iems in the 1-2k range.
^Yup for the price they are really VFM . Not sure if better than the PL-50 as well.The PL-50 has a amazing smooth musical midrange and a wide sound stage.But yeah they all are almost in the same range and in the end it comes down to personal tastes.

For some one looking for something under 2k, this should be no brainer since PL-50 is above 2k.
One NuForce® NE-7M Headset for me!

Please, please get 'em. I have dropped you a PM too.

(PS: This is for my iPhone as I want something with a mic).
well guys why i am getting this because i have heared about all brands IEMs even those from Bose

NE-6 was similar to bose in terms of bass and audio quality and at this price its a steal

for rest other brands ,they are not even close to basic IEMs of Nuforce

you can ask Xerocool who recently got NE-6
currently i 've a Sennheiser LX90 & Soundmagic PL30.
The thing is dislike bout the PL 30 is the bass, it less than that of LX90.
wud the NE-8 be a better buy as compared to Sennheiser CX300?
^^^ yeah it is
noise cancellation its splendid in NE-6
bass effect i am comparing with bose inear ones,so just imagine how good they are
expecting NE-8 to much better than all
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