FS: (4) AMD 939 based X2 3800's + Asus A8ne + 4x1gb DDR400

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AMD X2 3800, 939 based dual core cpu at 1.8gig. Every Cpu has been running 24x7 at 2.4 gig and higher on stock cooling at 1.4v. All these have been purchased within the last 15 months so there is a minimum of 15 months to 27 months warranty remaining.

Each Cpu @ 6750/-. 1 available Price Drop (ORIGINAL PRICE 7500 - Drop 750 = 6750/-)

Asus A8ne Pci-xpress motherboard based on the Nforce 4 Ultra chipset
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Purchased locally in mumbai in the within the last 15 months so balance warranty from 15 months to 27 months is still available

Each Board @ 3750. 2 available Price Drop (ORIGINAL PRICE 4250 - Drop 500 = 3750/-)

1GB Transcend / Twinmos DDR 400 (PC3200) 3/3/3 timings. Purchased within the last 22 months. Balance warranty available. Selling 4 matched sticks as a set or Individually

Each set of 4, 1GB DDR400 sticks @ 11,000/-. 2 sets (8 sticks available) 2750/- ea. Stick Price Drop (ORIGINAL PRICE 3000 - Drop 250 = 2750/-)

I am selling the items individually or as a set

These are 939 based Cpu's and not AM2.....So please dont compare Am2 pricing.

Upgrading my renderfarm, hence the sale. All shipping is Extra

PM if interested then Post here...Please dont crap the sale. Please dont crap the sale. please dont crap the sale..........................................
I'm interested in 1 CPU + 1 Board + 1GB DDR400, however your CPU and board prices are way out of whack, don't you think? Especially when you've been going around quoting 11k for E6600's? I can get a brand new X2 3800 and A8N-E at better prices... you may want to check on that and re-price. When you do, I'll come back.
I don't know why you are quoting the prices so high, specially of CPU, specially when it's AM2 Counterpart is selling for so less. I think you always quote Latest and Cheapest Prices in various Forums, but now you expect to get much more than Brand new one. For example AMD X2 3800+ (Soc. AM2) is selling for Rs. 5800/- and ASUS M2N-E Motherboard is selling for around Rs. 6000/-; MSI K9N Ultra for Rs. 5400/- [With Bill and 3yrs. Warranty].
I will be going for 1 Gig RAM probably. Anyone interested to buy 3 other sticks so that we can buy a lot together ?

Rio ??
Like i said, please dont compare AM2 with 939.

New A8ne board is around 5.4k in Mumbai. The last 939 X2 cpu sold 2 weeks ago in Mumbai was around 8.5k. 1gb transcend ram ddr400 is around 3600. these are Mumbai prices.

All the stuff above is with warranty ranging from 12 months to 27 months.

If u guys are getting a lower price for new stuff, please go ahead and buy. All my information is based on Mumbai prices and has been checked from 2 sources.

Don't want to spoil your thread or anything, but I just bought an Athlon 64 3700+ skt 939 (single core, San Diego) OEM with warranty for 4,300 bucks at lamington road.

I'd much rather recommend a brand new C2D E6300 and a 965G at a slightly higher price to anyone.
I aint trying to crap ur thread , or low balling , but ur more than over optimistic , i saw a E6300 + MSI p965 mobo @ Te for the price u have quoted for

I am interested in buying ur mobo + proc + (1gig)ram,but cant pay more than 9k for the combo

Brand new X2 3600+ AM2(65 nanometer , consumes less power too and runs cooler than socket 939s) with mobo costs Rs8500 in lamington , so I guess my prices of Rs Rs6,300 is justifiable and Rs 2,700 for 1Gb ram cause that is what ppl at T.E are selling 1GB pc3200 ram for .
^ No offense to anyone, but as he has clearly mentioned in his first post - do not compare AM2 and Socket 939 pricing.

Socket 939 has been deemed EOL , in other words they have phased out manufacturing of Socket 939 procs. These procs are not as easy to come by as AM2 ones which is why pricing is subsequently higher.
Guys...Please buy something else if it works for u!
This is not a distress sale.......
a few hundred bucks here and there is fine not 12000 as some of you have suggested.
just asking: you are selling Transcend and Twinmos at same price !! :S :no:
well really didnt wanted to crap any topic(also know if not interested then shd refrain frm post)......might have been interested in 3800+ but again ard 2k out of my budget......

also i guess u get 3800+ for ard 9k+ new frm mnemonics......somewhere arun mentioned.....so i guess for a rare stuff its upto vivek wht he wants to charge.....

if ppl find am2 cheaper get it and shelve some more on mobo ram.....my 2 cents
I'm interested in buying 2x1 GB Sticks. If you're interested in selling it outside from your 4x1 GB kits, let me know.
I am interested in 1 PC of 1GB DDR TRANSCEND ram.

Kolkata price is 3300/-.

So, little discount will be very good.
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