FS: Samsung 17 inch LCD - Syncmaster 713N for 2975 via eBay for NCR

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Hi Friends,

I am looking to sell my 17" LCD
Samsung syncmaster 713N (Silver Black)
In excellent working condition, no scratches, no ghosting, no dead pixels
Date of purchase: ~ 4 years old, no will & warranty applicable
Reason: this monitor doesn't do justice to my setup (Q9550 @ 4 Ghz + GTX 260) hence bought 22 incher
Will prefer to give it to local [Delhi NCR] buyers. Buyer has to arrange pickup from my place. You're welcome to come and inspect the monitor.

==============Delivery Outside Delhi NCR Region===================

For members (Outside delhi) interested in this monitor living in well known towns

I just inquired my courier agent (GMS Express) and following are the charges

1) Rs 80/kg via Air
2) Rs 50/Kg via Surface

If I pack this stuff, total weight is going to be around 7.5 ~ 8 kg....letme know


===============eBay Listing for outstation buyers =========================

Here it is : eBay India: Samsung 17 inch LCD - Syncmaster 713N (item 170310592078 end time 19-Mar-2009 16:59:44 IST)

using 15 % off coupon, you may save ~ Rs 600 so it will cost you approx Rs 3400 [shipped]

I'have listed taken into account the shipping [400] + 6% eBay fee on overall transaction.

Shipping guarantee would be mine, i.e if it arrives broken or not working, just open dispute with eBay and do not pay me.....simple :hap2:

================eBay listing for personal pickup buyers=================

I can list this for Rs 3500 on eBay considering 6 % eBay fee on overall transaction.
You can use 15% off coupon to save Rs 525 and get this for Rs 2975 . You have to pickup monitor from my place in this option.


No meeting at middle point please. I'm extremely busy with studies now a days

If you want me to run some diagnostics test on Monitor, please mention the software and test name, I'll include in post.

Sorry for crap quality images. I've a 10 year old Sony DCS-P72

Monitor Image


While playing Crysis


While playing NFS Undercover


While playing HD Movie [saving private ryan]


While playing HD Video [metallica live concert]


Now for Rs 3300/- [local pickup]


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^ where is your friend located? If not Delhi NCR, it would be much hassle to ship this across because : -

1) I don't have the original box with thermocol and all protecting stuff

2) Shipping would be around Rs 500 (approx)..
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