FS: XFX 7950GT 512Mb GDDR3

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I got a XFX 7950GT 512Mb Card an willing to let it go for 2950/-
The card is a much better performer than the 8600GT/8600GTS etc..

Here is the same card
Graphic Cards - NVIDIA GeForce® 7 Series - NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GT

Model			PV-T71J-YHF9
Clock rate		550 MHz
SLI Support		Yes
Memory Clock		1.4 GHz
Dual Link DVI		Supporting digital output up to 2560x1600
Chipset			GeForce 7950 GT
Memory			512 MB
Bus Standard		PCI Express
Memory Type		DDR3
Memory Bus		256 bit
Memory Bandwidth	44.8 GB/sec
Fill Rate		13.2 Billion Pixels/sec
Vertices Per Second	1.1 Billion
Pixels per Clock		24
RAMDACs		400 MHz
Highlighted Features	Dual DVI Out , HDTV ready, HDCP

I am based in Delhi, near IIT if it helps. Willing to ship anywhere on payment of the shipping charges.
No warranty left. 3 Days test warranty.
(The card is actually still in warranty according to manufacturing date, but I dont really know details so consider it no warranty and deal accordingly)

Following in queue
1) Srini
2) jennifer123
3) waseem46

Link to images if you cannot see them below:
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Here are the pics.






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Please post the pictures. Its mandatory. Also provided link is not valid(No products associated to this model ). Please check that.


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It's out of the comp now, but I had checked earlier and as far as I remember they are well within limits. Be assured.
(I just finished playing Crysis Warhead on the card)


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^ i sold to him :p cause i have deal him long ago ;)

ide without 80 mm fan 45 full loading 75 *c wihout fan slient less

and with 80 mm fan full speed 45 *c ide and full loading 60 *c

good luck this card is lifetime no overheating :) u can play any games longer for 3-6 hour max stable while oc the card ;)


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Actually I should have taken this card, but after seeing capacitor is missing and another is broken, I backed out. Even I spoked to the seller, he said nothing wrong with the card and working 100%. Now I am lucky.


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Agreed with Srini. The card is not working at all. It might worked before because of luck. One side contact of the capacitor soldering was broken and the card will work if it in touch with the board by luck.

Even though I can make it to work (I have the soldering the SMD Solid capacitor soldering bench), but I am sending it back to the seller.

if anybody is interested to buy the card, You can pay to kniwor and I will solder and send. It will work 100% if its soldered perfectly.
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