PC Peripherals Gaming Mouse under 5k


I love the g102. I have 5 of them. A 203 prodigy and lightsync, g Pro hero and Pixart and 102! I have bigger mice but keep coming back to the 102 shape.

I'm a claw grip btw


I had purchased MadCatz R.A.T from TE and it was awesome mouse until i was struck with double clicking issue. And the advance version of this can be customized nicely.
Currently using Logitech G502 and it is also great mouse.


I used the G502 Hero for 2 years and then gave it for RMA. I was looking for a lightweight option as G502 is a hefty mouse. Luckily Logitech didn't had stocks and refunded me the full bill amount of my G502 and I went ahead with the Razer Viper(non Mini version). It is so light and the cable is braided and also very good in terms of weight and flexibility. Love the new change, although I miss the great number of buttons I had on G502 but Viper has been great. Went with this over Glorious mouse as warranty looked a bit sketchy to me personally and the thumb buttons looked a bit too recessed to reach.


Im also a G502 user (G402 as well).. i think the user would be overwhelmed with all the Logi options being thrown at him and hed miss out on the other choices available in the market.

Just fyi there are a lot of other great mouse in the market. Tbh Logi doesnt feature in most gamers top list presently, Zowie, CM, Razer etc. have taken over their preference. Go through article reviews and youtube videos to see which kind of mouse would suit you best.


Hi, its been almost 2 years i am using HyperX Pulsefire Surge HX-MC002B RGB Gaming Mouse so far no issues and RGB is one of the best. You can try it. its under 5k.


I second the above suggestion for Pulsefire surge. I am also using the same mouse and its feels good and IMO this mouse has the best RGB diffusion.


I would also recommend Logitech G304 Lightspeed. It's a great wireless mouse for ~3k and has barely any lag.
Can confirm. I was previously using G102 and this feels like the perfect upgrade. Same shape, adequately light and you can even use a AAA battery to make it even better if that's your thing. Check out the LTT video where they compare this to the much more expensive pro-grade mice from Logitech.