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Nov 27, 2021
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I am offering here are wide range of MS products. These licenses are retail version of the mentioned products unless specified. Volume and OEM license also available on request.
I am selling MS keys for like 12 years now. I have good amount of reputable feedback.

Here is Products I am offering currently. You can ask me if You need anything else not listed here.

Windows 10 Pro 1PC - Rs.500
Windows 10 Pro 5PC - Rs.750
Windows 10 Pro OEM - Rs.550
Windows 11 Pro 5PC - Rs.1500
Windows 11 Pro 20PC MAK - Rs.2100
Windows 11 Home 5PC - Rs.900
Office 2019 Home Student ( MS Live account bind )- Rs.900
Office 2019 Home Business Mac/Windows ( Live account bind ) - Rs.3950
Office 2019 Home Business Mac only ( MS Live account bind ) - Rs.2000
Office 2019 ProPlus - Rs. 1400
Office 2019 Professional OEM - Rs. 3000
Office 2021 ProPlus - Rs.2000
Office 2021 Home Business Mac only ( MS Live account bind ) - Rs.2200

Prices are subject to change on market condition.

Feedback, vouches, reviews
My Heatware link below.

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Can you please PM me?
PM sent
Ms Visio and project please. If you have.
PM sent with pricing.
can you explain the difference between MS Live account bind and the other sort?
Bind key is once activated, binds to ur MS account if You are using one. Next time product will activated just by logging in to your account.
About feedback, I dont have feedback here, because I didnt sell anything here in long long time. I have posted my heatware link, which is well known trader feedback platform on international forums such as HardForum, Overclock.net, anandtech, techpowerup etc.
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