Get upto 39 months of XBOX Gamepass Ultimate for Rs. 7,478 only (Rs.206/month + Rs.50)


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bro. since u have already done this.. can u check one thing.. it seems I can add my cousin to my microsoft account as family then he will also be able to enjoy my purchase.. will it work for this too?

If you have second console in family, you can use same creditials (having GPU subscription) to add user, once added make the console as "Home console" and later you can delete the GPU profile, the second user will get the same benefits of GPU.

Steps I read on reddit - Link

Do check the first comment, which allows us to remove the login creditials too!


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Seems like EA PLay for PC is not yet released via the Xbox Ultimate Pass. Unable to download any games on my desktop, this is a bummer for now :(
Yes wait for it to end. Stock up on 6 Live gold gift codes now. Redeem after Ultimate subscription has expired. After redeeming convert to Ultimate by using the trial offer or if that's not available just get 1 month of Ultimate.

I too have PlayPro separately for Fifa.

I noticed the optino to subscribe for EA Play Pro at 1999 per annum yesterday, dont see that option anymore and cant access EA PLay on PC right now. Strange that I could see the option yesterday
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