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I have Listed below few things for giveaway.
All the items are not working or partially working (or may be working).
Most of these mobos are removed from friends or relatives systems when they got faulty.
No board is given for repair. So few boards can be repaired (if they are lucky)

1. Dell Mobo and ECS Mobo giving some errors (forgot )

2. Asus Mobo hangs when installing.

3. MSI MS_7549 Mobo is dead (physical damage) CPU maybe working.

4. Toshiba 160 Gb is from friends iPod when the iPod is broken ( he gave it to me few years back to use it or sell it)

5. The 2.5 HDD cases or bought by me and are now lying idle. One IDE & Two SATA. No idea about the present condition. Will have to search for cables. If they are available can give with cases.

6. The Intel test board was given by a friend for my use. But didn't use it and I have given it yo another friend. He returned to me saying no display. It is working when I checked before giving him.
A Laptop repair guy told me a matching 3rd gen laptop can be upgraded with this CPU as it is a mobile i7 CPU.

  • Giveaway is first come first serve and has to post in this thread.
  • Unfortunately I CANNOT test them as I don't have the suitable RAMs.
  • I don't have original packaging material Please keep that in mind.
  • All the items are in as is condition as shown in images.
  • Shipping: Local buyers only or if buyer can arrange a pickup.

Thanks for watching this thread,
Have a great day.


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Please if you are open to shipping intel laptop cpu I'd like to upgrade my 3rd gen intel i3 CPU laptop with this.

I'll arrange shipment pickup myself, you'll just have to pack it securely in a box.
Let me know.

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