Go: Creative Ep630 At 840bux + Shipping


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This is the new GO which i have started, the new price is 840 bux + 80 bux shipping all over India.anyone interested pls pm me your name and shipping address, so I can give you the bank details.
janitha said:
One each of EP630 and MX-2 for me. PM sent. Awaiting reply for payment.

wats this MX - 2. and has any 1 tried ep 630 with psp.bcauz i wanted to knw the difference in the sound quality between ep 630 and the original ear phones we get with the psp.
I was waiting foir this.. I shall take One (black) pc. I am in Andheri West. Let me know abot money transfer and where I can pick up from..

Thanks a Lot.
guys all the pieces which are coming are black in colour, they are available, this go is gonna remain for 2 weeks, then the orders are going to be given, payment method is only by bank transfer, for mumbai people - they can pay me cash
^ Same thing I was wondering, I stay just 2 minutes from your place, it would be much more convenient.I can understand bank tranfer methods for people who stay far off, but if someone can just walk it to your place then I think that is the best and quickest way to make the transfer.
it would be of great help if someone could tell me how much better these earphones are as compared to those coming with sony walkman mobiles...i have w810i