Got a Slim PS3!


Btw I also brought PS3 Slim from Ghatkopar Croma 1 week back.

Took the offer of 2 more year of warranty by croma.

Brought Uncharted 2 from Prashant superb game hadn't had that much time to play.:hap2:

But after reading this thread I will also update my PS3 firmware and download some demo games.

Good you started the thread for new PS3 owners.:eek:hyeah:


dinjo said:
Ethan , UK Account is way better than US Account i would advise switch to UK account.

Is there any specific reason for this?
I mean what exactly are the advantages of a UK account?


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kestrel5915 said:
Is there any specific reason for this?
I mean what exactly are the advantages of a UK account?

Way faster downloads when compared to US account and most of exclusive demo first arrive on UK then on US
Congrats Ethan_Hunt.

This is quickly turning out to be a useful thread for new PS3 owners. Why don't we make this a sticky and have similar threads for all the major current-gen consoles instead of having 4 stickies for PSP firmware flashing?


Desecrator said:
^Second that! We do not have a proper thread for either of the consoles yet.

Yeah, we need one.

Go Gannu, It will hardly take a min. plus you can write a good introductory post as well :p


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For those having the 120GB version, what's the free space you guys have out of the total 111GB? For me, it's showing 89GB free. Out of which 3GB has been gobbled up by PSN Home. 1.3GB I suppose if for Heavy Rain demo. So where is the rest of the space? Does the firmware update consume such a large space?


Congrats Ally !!!

Knew u wudn't let go off PlayStation :thumbs:

Wish i was in INDIA, we could have bartered games, as we did for PS2 ;)

Also regdg PSN Downloads being slow:

1) if u are using PS3 for playing games off ur HDD like demos, the writing speed reduces & so the DL speed.

2) If u are not using PS3, then go to Turn off the PS3 after DLin is complete. It will DL faster ;)

b/w why didn't buy a Bundle pack, which has free game ???

Also add me... el33tgam3r :D

also buy GOW collection GOD OF WAR Trilogy in HD :awesome:

UC1 & 2, MGS4, KZ2, Ratchet n Clank Series, Resistance 1&2, Siren: Blood Curse, Heavy Rain, GT5 Prologue (if u can't wait for GT5 ;)) & Heavenly Sword few games to chew upon....


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Thanks Andy! :)

Yeah you really should have been here. I have no one in my acquaintance who has Ratchet and Clank series for the PS3. We both loved those titles back from PS2 days. I'll try to rent it, if possible. :(

Yes, I did register onto PSN. My ID: agentradspencer. I'll add you as soon as I log back in. I got hold of Uncharted 1, 2 and Killzone 2 from my friend. We can meet up for an online session sometime.

I'm anxious to play God of War III & Heavy Rain. For now, I'm seem to be caught up with a massive back log. So will complete that first and then pounce onto the PS3 exclusives. I didn't get any bundle offer in Malad Croma.


There is Uncharted 2 Bundle Available everywhere :p anyways.... Nothings lost now... U need to purchase UC1&2 dude... coz I am sure you will play it again... I have played UC1 around 4 times on various difficulty & UC2 2 times :p

GOW Collection twice on various diff. Now Playing GOW 3 :devil2: