FS: Desktops i5 2500K + MSI P67A-GD65 + Crucial Ballistix 8GB 1600MHz + Hyper 410R @9K+ship


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Aurangabad, Maharashtra
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Dec 31, 2015
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Core i5 2500K 4C 4T - ₹3000
Crucial Ballistix Tactical 1600MHz DDR3 1x8GB - ₹2000
MSI P67A-GD65 (No I/O Shield) - ₹3200 SOLD outside forum
Cooler Master Hyper 410R (Only Intel mount) - ₹1000
Only these items. No driver CDs/boxes/manuals/SATA Cables or any other accessories that might be included in the box

Pulled from a 4-5 year old PC, 100% working condition.
Condition 7/10
Few usage marks (few bent aluminium finstack on the cooler etc, as visible in pics)
Functionally as good as it gets.
Please note: Even though the i5-2500K has integrated graphics, all motherboards with P67 chipset do not support iGPUs. Hence, there are no display out ports on the motherboard.
You will need discrete GPU.
Out of 8 SATA ports, 4 are max SATA III 6gb/s and 4 are max SATA II 3gb/s.
Supports RAID. No m.2 slot, will support SATA SSDs no problem.
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