FS: Mobile Iphone Xr / 128GB / Coral

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Jun 23, 2019
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Upgraded to 14 pro max.
Selling Sister's Iphone XR 128gb in good condition. Bill is in dad's name.

Box and Bill provided. Battery is at 77%, shows it require service but it easily comes good 6 hours SOT for mild usage. If you are heavy user then charging twice may be required.

Cashify is quoting 17k. Looking to get more . Preferable local buyer (Bangalore) but shipping cost is included,Risk on buyer.

Please DM for negotiation. Not sure why the pics are blur but can send you via WA if interested.


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I would take the cashify offer if I were you. Can't expect so much from such an old model. Battery also needs to be changed.
You sure cashify is offering 17k check it again entre all the details like age conditon, should offer 12/13k.
I very recently got a visit from cashify for my xs,64gb, 81% battery and feb 2020 purchased and my wife's 2019 arpril, xr,128 80% battery. Bangalore itself. Always used in cover. There website says 12k for xr and 14k for xs. They offered much less on the visit. Thats what their biz model is. There is no way Cashify is paying the promised 12k for the xr. They themselves show a distribution of what a typical customer receives. Usually 70% of the shown value is what they pay. Of course, I sold my xs on olx instead of cashify. Wife decided to keep hers since it works well enough still.
No intention to crap the thread, that was exactly why I simply said to accept cashify offer because he will not get a better offer than that elsewhere. Many have been duped (or tricked) by platforms like cashify that way and then they will in return sell it for a profit elsewhere. One thing which cashify executive will surely bring up is the BH% saying a new one will cost this much, service charge that much blablabla... Just saying.
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